June 11, 2019

A Hertzsprung-Russell HR Diagrams

A Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram is a tool that shows the relationships and differences between stars. For this assignment, follow these directions: Print the data file so you have it handy and in front of you while you work. Use the temperature and luminosity values to plot Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 stars on a single HR diagram (plot values for stars in all three groups on the same plot) using the whiteboard below. Save your whiteboard as an image and insert it into your answer sheet. For more information on inserting your diagram into the answer sheet, follow […]
June 11, 2019

The Ecology of Grief Article Summary

Ecology of Grief essay.) After reading Windle’s article, “The Ecology of Grief”. Type a 1-2 page essay that includes: – a summary of the main points that Windle makes in the article (in your own words) – ways that you can personally relate to this article Attachment previewHenry Mitchel titles his dining column in the Sunday, 8 April 1990, Washington Post “The demise of the dogwood”:
June 11, 2019

Central Michigan University Lessons From Shopping Malls

type written reading statement answering the following questions: Which “lesson” from the Mall did you find the most interesting or surprising and why? Where do you think American’s go to connect with their community and find a sense of civic and community spirit and why or why not shopping spaces?
June 11, 2019

Disaster Preparedness Emergency Management Program

Develop a PowerPoint Presentation using the provided template and instructions provided. Your PowerPoint presentation should be no less than 45 slides and cover the following topic: You are a newly hired Emergency Manager. You have been asked to develop an Emergency Management program for your jurisdiction. Provide a presentation showing the outline for the development of your new program. Be sure to include any considerations that you will take into account as you lay our Emergency Management program and its future direction. When possible, feel free to think “outside of the box” to develop a progressive and effective program. Be […]
June 11, 2019

Alien Invasion Convention On Biological Diversity

alien invaders. Start with a working definition of alien species. What might have contributed to their success? Discuss the damages that they may cause. What can be done to reduce their impacts? What are some of the successful examples of invasive controls discussed in the video? What methods may go wrong if left to amateurs? Note that you are asked to write a reflective essay. Your work should read like an essay, not bullet points or just listing of answers to the guiding questions given above. Moreover, it’s important to use examples from the video to illustrate your essay.
June 11, 2019

Environmental issues Caused by Humans that affect Each Of Species and Minerals

Question Description ES 001.63Z & 68 ZStudent Name: _____ WINTER 2019 Instructor: Bill Roeder Congratulations – you have arrived at the Final Assessment for Environmental Studies 1 Online Education! Type your answers in line with the questions. Do not assume the space left between the questions is all I’m looking for, If you plan to only use the space provided to answer each question, you won’t score well. Submit your take final in the appropriate area of the website by the posted deadline. Work not submitted on time WILL NOT be accepted for any reason! Final Assessment Questions: NAME and […]
June 11, 2019

Berkeley University Desert Biome

USE THIS INFORMATION TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: Deserts cover about 30% of the land. Desert climates are characterized by the fact that water is unavailable for living things. Some deserts are hot, with very little rainfall. Some deserts are not hot. These “cold deserts” receive some of their rain at a time when it is too cold for plants to use it. Organisms living in deserts have adapted to the harsh conditions. Plants such as cacti retain moisture in their stem tissues and have eliminated leaves to reduce water loss. Animals living in the desert, such as jack rabbits and kangaroo […]
June 11, 2019

Latent Heat of Water

In this course, we will engage in weekly graded discussions that “make it real”, by applying the weather concepts we are learning about to both everyday life and to aviation. After completing the readings and concept-related activities in the above sections of the module, you will be prepared to engage in this discussion. Initial Post Instructions and Requirements: Choose one of these discussion topics. Formulate an organized, clearly worded, and succinct initial post that substantively covers all discussion points stated for your chosen topic. Because your initial post will be scored on the degree to which you meet these standards, […]
June 11, 2019

Climate change Solutions

My issue is about Climate change Solutions. and the stakeholder that I used in the previous part is “United Nations Security Council”. Description Begin by selecting a non-engaged stakeholder who is uninvolved, unconcerned, uninterested, or not invested in the issue you have been researching or in taking action on that issue. In constructing your multimodal argument with this non-engaged stakeholder as your audience, start thinking about how you will educate, engage, and empower this non-engaged stakeholder to agree with your call to action. You will draw on the credible sources of the research you conducted in the past two projects. […]
June 11, 2019

Japanese Beetles Invasive Species Management Plan

Project One: Invasive Species “The transplantation of species by humans has occurred throughout history to the point where most people are unable to distinguish between the native and exotic species living in their lands” (Wright, 2011). An invasive species (can be a plant or animal) is a species that is introduced to an area, whether accidentally or on purpose, that can severely disrupt native species in a given ecosystem. When allowed to proliferate, they can kill off indigenous plant or animal life, causing whole natural habitats to change. Project One will explore invasive species and the consequences of their introduction […]
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