June 12, 2019

Case Study Risk Manager for AVPRO

Scenario As in the last module, you are the risk manager for AVPRO. Your organization specializes in staffing engineering and technical professionals in the aviation and aerospace industry. Although you are currently headquartered in Washington, D.C., the company will be relocating to Houston, Texas. Recently, AVPRO’s president, George Jetson, met with the architecture group that will be designing the new facility in Houston. After his meeting, he has a few questions for you to address associated with the fire alarm and detection system planned for the new facility. Instructions Answer the following questions. Be sure to access the resources presented […]
June 12, 2019

Averett Weather and Climate

Write a short summary (it can be a few sentences as long as it covers the question) with your perspective of weeks 2-5 Discussion Topics. There are two discussion questions per week. Please combine the summaries for each week onto a single word document & put the responses right underneath the questions. WEEK-2: DQ1 – Why are the bridges the first sections of streets or highways to become icy? Explain your answer in terms of heat transfer. DQ2 – Why are the poles and slightly lower latitudes so cold in the summertime when they receive almost 24 hours of daylight? […]
June 12, 2019

Fire Alarm System

Given the choices of central-station fire alarm systems, proprietary supervising-station systems, and remote-supervising-station fire alarm systems, which do you believe is the best fire alarm reporting system for an industrial organization? Provide an argument for your choice. Link:…
June 12, 2019


When discussing biodiversity- What do the letters in the acronym HIPPO stand for? Describe an example of each? Describe the biogeochemical cycle of carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen. What are the major human impacts on the carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen cycles? Describe the differences between subsistence and modern agriculture. What are the major components of the agricultural revolution? What are the environmental costs of modern agriculture? each answer should be at least one paragraph.
June 12, 2019

Environmental Science

For this essay you really need to consider the reality of the marketplace versus the myth of the marketplace. THE ECONOMY AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT The traditional approach to the ECONOMY has been based on the position of “Letting the Market Decide.” Although this perspective has developed an economic system of many benefits for the human community, the negative impacts on the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT has been monumental. In view of this, respond to the following questions: -Do you believe the MECHANISM OF THE MARKETPLACE should be restrained with regard to environmental concerns? If so, how would this be best accomplished? […]
June 12, 2019

Water Issues in the Central Africa Region

Total word count: 650. The region I choose is : Central Africa. Prompt 1 Are there issues with water in your region? What are the primary uses for water and what challenges of water exist? Pollution? Salinization? Availability? How is water extracted or made suitable for human or other uses? Are the political issues with water crossing borders? Do some research and gives me some numbers, datas and photos or videos that related to this prompt. Only need to write about central Africa region. Need a citation page. Total word count :650
June 12, 2019

The role of border in Hungary

Hungary Writing instruction, total word count: 350 This region has intense and entrenched conflicts that have really shaped not only our perception of the region but our own politics in the US. We did not go in depth on several conflicts (such as the civil war in Syria, the equally brutal war in Yemen, ISIS, American involvement in the region, the Iranian Revolution, the so-called Arab Spring etc.). Instead, the Crash Course video gave one overview of some of the history of outside involvement (and betrayal) in the region. Consider the role of borders in the region. They are new […]
June 12, 2019

Agriculture and Poverty

You will be asked to select a particular week that you think may be of interest to you, whereby you will review the learning materials and then pose a question that has arisen in your mind in relation to the content. You must then provide an ‘answer’ to your own question through further research into the topic. Your submission must include the following headings and/or section: (a) the question; (b) how the question evolved; (c) how it is linked to the readings; and (d) a 500 word ‘answer’ that includes ‘reliable’ sources that are cited in-text and included at the […]
June 12, 2019

Working with Spatial Data

Learning Outcomes for Lab: Identify and distinguish between different types of data Visualize and analyze data points in mapping application Discover the relationship between latitude and longitude coordinates and GIS vector data Interpret data dictionary and metadata in order to analyze data Calculate percentages Create and interpret histograms
June 12, 2019

Adequate Directions For Conducting An Inspection In Healthcare

In this learning activity, you will discuss some key ideas and questions with your classmates. By actively participating in the conversation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the course content and improve your ability to express your ideas in writing. The focus of this discussion is an article that is particularly relevant to our lesson this week. In this lesson we looked the wonderful world of Child Care. Step 01. In preparation for the discussion, I suggest you review the questions for discussion and attempt to answer them for yourself. As you read, you may also ask yourself new […]
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