June 12, 2019

The bottlenose dolphin PowerPoint Project

This project is an opportunity to show-what-you-know regarding biology, evolution, biological diversity, and adaptation. GUIDELINES: POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ONLY! MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE GRADING RUBRIC. LOOK AT THE GRADE A SECTIONS AND USE THOSE AND MAKE THIS AN A PAPER. Environmental change drives natural selection. New traits are selected to increase the chances of survival of the species. These selected traits can accumulate over time to create a new species. This new species will have new adaptations suited to help it survive in its changed habitat. For this project you need to… 1. Describe a species of today and the […]
June 12, 2019

Indiana Jones and Lara Croft comparison with real archaeologists

Indiana Jones and Lara Croft are well known Hollywood archaeologists. How do their activities compare with those of actual working archaeologists? Do these portrayals help or hurt the field of anthropology? 2 big sized paragraphs
June 12, 2019

Georeferencing and Coordinate Systems

ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION IN THE SPACE BELOW: What are the different formats? What do they mean? See the link below for help. Find the latitude and longitude expressed in both notation systems for four locations of your choosing. One should be north of the equator and east of the Prime Meridian, one north of the equator and west of the prime meridian, one south and west, one south and east). Zoom in and out in the map and find locations (either randomly or based on your curiosity), anything you find interesting and report that location’s coordinates.… The Zero […]
June 12, 2019

Anthropological Twitter Handles Business Case Study

Twitter has become an important tool for finding the newest research. Even the Smithsonian has a disclaimer on its site- that the newest research can be found on Facebook or Twitter NOT on the website ( For this assignment, you will need to identify AND follow two (2) twitter handles that cover a topic in Anthropology that you are interested in. Topics can range from “women in stem” to “bioarchaeology” to any other topic that you can define as anthropological. These summaries should not exceed one (1) page TOTAL. Be succinct- you are selling me on these sites.
June 12, 2019

A time when Environmental Injustice Occurred

Environmental justice ensures that all communities are treated fairly and are meaningfully involved in environmental-based decisions, such as where to build a new sanitary landfill, hazardous waste repository, industrial plant, or any other such site that could create an environmental hazard for those who live in the area. Describe a time when environmental injustice occurred. This can include any current or past events where the community was not fairly and meaningfully involved in the decision-making process. Who is or was negatively affected? What negative health effects could or did the community experience? What other social factors compound the negative health […]
June 12, 2019

Safety Research Hartford Hospital Fire

the assignment is about an accident that created an osha regulation or standard meaning a standrd was created after an incident happen such as bhopal disaster. 1. look for an incident that fit the criteria. all these topics are already selected by my class mates so they can’t be used. Bhopal Disaster – by T.P 2. Hawk’s Nest – by D.L 3. Tenerife Aircraft Accident – by B.C. 4. 1907 Monongah West Virgina Coal Mine Explosion – by M. H. 5. Sinking of the Titanic and Contributions to Maritime Safety – by N.D. 6. Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire – by […]
June 12, 2019

Environmental Factors of Threatened and Endangered Species

Visit the Massachusetts’ Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Rare Species by Town Viewer: answer the reflection questions provided in the folder attached Attachment previewMassachusetts Species of Concern Visit the Massachusetts’ Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Rare Species by Town Viewer: Using the viewer, select a town of interest to you from the dropdown menu. Under the map you’ll see a list of species. 1. Which town did you select? 2. How many species are listed for your town? 3. How many were endangered? How many threatened? 4. Select a species to use for the following questions. […]
June 12, 2019

Safe Drinking Water Act Case United States V Alisal Water Corp

CASE STUDY Instructions Review a court case related to the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, or Safe Drinking Water Act. Then, write a case study of at least two full pages in length. Please discuss the following: the court case why and when it occurred the outcome how the outcome impacted future interpretation of the act personal thoughts about the court caseThe case study should be written in paragraph form and at least two pages in length. It does not require a title page or a running header; however, please double space, use 12 point Times New Roman font, […]
June 12, 2019

Understanding on Environmental Justice and Executive Order

For several decades, governmental policy makers have passed legislation and created policies that integrate environmental justice into governmental agency rules and regulations in an attempt to eliminate environmental injustices. While the intention is a step in the right direction, instructions on how to implement these laws has been largely ignored. Eleven United States Governmental Agencies signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898. For the Unit 7 Assignment, read over the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898 in the Unit 7 Assignment Materials folder in the Course Documents. Choose one of the […]
June 12, 2019

Water and Pricing

You should write a 3-page (1.5 spacing, size 12 font) persuasive essay plus a 1-page bibliography on one of the following topics: Should we genetically modify food to meet rising food demands expected with an increasing population? Should Pennsylvania encourage drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale Formation? Should nuclear energy be included as a major component of 21st century plans to combat global warming and to help us meet the growing energy demand? Should water prices be raised sharply to help reduce water waste? Should recycled wastewater be used to irrigate crops and for snowmaking at ski resorts? […]
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