September 5, 2019

Prior Knowledge Pre Assesment

Based on the lesson plans you are developing, create an aligned pre-assessment to measure students’ prior knowledge. Include a scripted introduction to the pre-assessment and 4-6 questions you can ask the students in order to pre-assess and gather information. Include a closing stating what you expect to discover regarding their knowledge, skills, and understandings on the informational text selection and academic language. Address this assignment in a 250-500 word paper. Include a brief statement about the pre-assessment and the 4-6 questions on your COE Lesson Plan Template. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style […]
September 5, 2019

Financial Operations

For this week’s assignment, you will perform some fieldwork. Hopefully, as noted early on in the course, you have established an appointment to meet with an athletic administrator who is responsible for the financial operations, either by phone, email, or at best in person. This week, you will interview an athletic department’s Business Manager or any other position responsible for the financial operations at an institution. Your paper should address the following: Develop a set of questions used to interview the desired individual in your geographic area. Create a variety of alternative questions for you interviewee if your first set […]
September 5, 2019

Indigenous Self-Determination in Education

Week Learning Objectives • Indicate examples of resistance and self-determination in education • Relate teaching content to the dominant society Required Instructional Materials Video • Watch Video Lectures, You Tube Video, & Check out the Strelley School Website • Watch the Video Interview with Dr. Robin Minthorn • Watch this Film: Rabbit Proof Fence o This film is available through University Libraries or to rent through YouTube. Reading Book: Indigenous Knowledge and Education • Chapter by Kenneth Liberman Book: To Remain an Indian • Chapters 3 & 4 Activities Group Discussion Discussion prompt: 1. Describe one example from the film […]
September 5, 2019

Introduction to Needs Analysis

for the second article which i need first : Reflection Papers (2-3 pages each, double spaced) For each paper, choose a topic in your readings that you would like to delve into, expand on, relate to, reflect on or otherwise offer insight into or question a point or issue that catches your attention. You can write an interpretation, a critique, an expansion, or any other method of discussion. The only requirements are that you refer to the relevant passage(s), focus on one topic or theme, write coherently and proofread your paper.
September 5, 2019

Vocabulary Development Game

Create an engaging vocabulary game that utilizes five different teaching strategies for vocabulary development. These strategies should also address Common Core’s three tiers of academic language: Common words, which most children acquire in daily conversations in their first language; Content specific technical words, which may be commonly used or rarely used; and Words that define written text, generally more sophisticated and precise than words used in conversation OR academic vocabulary from academic texts Submit a description of the game materials and instructions on how the game is to be played in a 250-500-word essay. The vocabulary game should include strategies […]
September 5, 2019

Lesson Summary and focus

Using the COE Lesson Plan Template, you will be developing a lesson plan by completing and submitting several sections of the template throughout this course. (These assignments are separate from the Benchmark assessment, which you should also be working on throughout this course.) As you submit sections and receive feedback, you may revise previously submitted sections based on that feedback before submitting the lesson plan again. (Revisions are for coherency only; they will not affect the scores you received on the initial submissions.) For this assignment, complete the “National/State Learning Standards” section by selecting a first- to fifth-grade level and […]
September 5, 2019

Reading Response

Write a reading response for the uploaded paper (3-5 pages excluding references). You should include at least 3 other sources. Your response should answer the following questions: What are the central problems and questions addressed in this reading? What were the main findings/arguments? What are 1-2 important policy and/or research implications and why? How does this reading relate to your current or future professional life? your response should focus more on the view of Educational leadership))
September 5, 2019

Reading Comprehension

Select an informational text from Appendix B of the Common Core standards for English Language Arts. Research a minimum of five reading comprehension-teaching strategies. Develop a graphic organizer for each strategy: Each graphic organizer will support the comprehension strategy being used. Design the graphic organizers around the informational text and strategy. Include a summary of 1-2 paragraphs for each graphic organizer explaining how you would use this in a comprehension lesson. Include your rationale. Specify the potential benefits of using each graphic organizer and how it will support assessment of knowledge. 3-5 peer-reviewed articles in support of your content. APA […]
September 5, 2019

Designing Instruction

TPA Task 2 – Designing Instruction *(REVISIONS Order 335391) Give explicate, relevant details. Pay attention to the wording of the question and answer all of the question. Be consistent through out all the sections. Give time frames of assignments . Give details of assignments. You can’t give to much details. Explain and give detail like you are speaking to someone who knows nothing and needs to understand what you are saying. It’s like TPA for dummies. I will attach the TPA@Designing Instruction FinaL 21.docx that needs to be revised. I also have attached TPA Task @ Designing Instruction.docx which will […]
September 5, 2019

Child Care Budget

Use the attached form as a guide to develop the budget portion for ABC Child Care’s business plan, because it is a PDF document and you can not type in the form. Write a narrative budget(often required as part as a grant proposal) is a written explanation of what is included in each category and why
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