June 19, 2019

Working Capital Challenges

Healthcare organizations strive to manage working capital in such a way that they can reliably cover their short-term expenses while also getting the best possible benefits from their capital. In managing working capital, healthcare organizations face some common challenges, as well as other challenges that are particular to the institution. What challenges would a for-profit facility that has a constant stream of revenue face in managing its capital? How would these challenges differ from a military hospital that is given its funding at the beginning of the year?
June 19, 2019

Health Theory Pamphlet

Create a pamphlet, brochure, infographic, or poster that addresses the following points: 1. Identify a theory that you plan to use in developing the intervention for a health issue of your choice (behavior change, obesity prevention, smoking cessation, focus on HIV, etc.). Identify both the theory and the health issue. 2. Provide a background on the health issue and its importance in the field of public health. 3. Explain why you chose the theory and how the theory is going to explain the health problem you chose. Please be sure to discuss how each construct within the theory is going […]
June 19, 2019

Public Health Billboard

One way to inform the public about an intervention program is through the use of billboards. You will be creating a two-billboard campaign that aims to get the word out about your intervention program. For this assignment: 1. The target population: A community with primary ethnicity of Hispanic or Latino, a median household income of $24,672, and 37.5% of people are uninsured 2. Select a public health issue and provide an overview of the issue and its importance and any barriers that may affect the target population of interest. 3. Choose two types of intervention strategies that are appropriate for […]
June 19, 2019

Health education and promotion programme of infection control in school or community settings

Written assignment (Individual work) 1500 words Students have to provide a health education and promotion programme of infection control in school or community settings including clear objective; detailed plan and program with timeline and expected outcome; assessment checklist; promotion tools; and evaluation tool to assess the outcome of the program.
June 19, 2019

Management Theories

For this week’s Discussion, you will be reviewing different schools of management theory as they relate to Modern management needs for change and behavior strategies. Choose one of the following schools of management theory and follow the instructions below: Industrial Revolution Classical School Human Resources School 1.What are the most important features of this school’s management theory? 2.How can components of the theory be used in today’s health care setting?
June 19, 2019

Strategic Management

Respond to one of the two topics below. How does diversity affect the organization’s work/life balance, and what ethical considerations exist that may drive the organization to be more work/life balanced? What has been the impact of the role of HR with offshoring, mergers, the economy, and recession? What are other current employment challenges facing the role of HR?*
June 19, 2019

Risk Assessment for 4 scenarios

You will be required to complete a portfolio of risk assessment comprising the following types of risk assessment: 1. Workplace Equipment Risk Assessment 2. Chemical risk assessment 3. Health Risk Assessment 4. Young Worker Risk Assessment 5. A minimum 1000 word reflective statement on the compilation of the risk assessments and your learning from the module. This portfolio should reflect your own work and % similarity will be checked during marking. Please refer to the attached files for specific risk assessment forms and 4 scenarios
June 19, 2019

Stages of Change Model

1st question: Respond to the following discussion question: Go to the website given below and read the article about the Stages of Change Model. After you have read the article, discuss how this model has relevance to the need for identifying key factors of an organization’s performance. You should support your statement, your original post and your responses to others. 2nd question You are all two teams, and this is a collaborative problem-solving discussion. Begin each of your posts by first addressing your team before typing anything else. (Example; Team A: My thoughts are….). Respond to your own team […]
June 19, 2019

behavior and change in a healthcare organization

Instructions One of the tools often used to begin addressing the need for change in any organization is the ‘survey tool’. Select a data collection questionnaire or tool that has been designed by a healthcare organization to obtain feedback on their overall effectiveness or the effectiveness of a particular information system within the organization. These may be questionnaires that are administered online or in paper form. There are several ways to find such questionnaires. For example, they may appear in a journal article reporting on their use. To locate such instruments, search the Library business database on business evaluation topics […]
June 19, 2019

Competency-based compensation program

Respond to one of the three topics below. Explain some differences with the types of health insurance plans from the perspective of an employee. What is a defined benefit pension plan, a defined contribution plan and 401k accounts. Do you have a preference for one of these? Why? What is a competency-based compensation program?*
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