June 19, 2019

In re Quinlan and Schiavo

In 200 words or more, create an initial post that fully addresses the following. Later this week, be sure to respond to at least two classmates during this unit in 100 words or more. For your Discussion this week, please carefully read chapter 11 in your textbook. These pages focus on two cases: In re Quinlan and the Terri Schiavo case. While the cases do focus on devastating and emotionally charged situations, please consider the importance of the advance directives in such circumstances and how having such instruments available in the Quinlan and Schiavo case would have impacted the families […]
June 19, 2019

Discussion question/video

This week you will be sharing your personal brand and a video recording of your elevator pitch! Share your Personal Branding Statement first. This should not be any more than 1-2 sentences. Next, share who you are “in the elevator with” and what job you hope for. This will help your peers identify with the context of your post and help them evaluate the effectiveness of your pitch. Also share what area(s) you want your peers to address when they provide feedback. Finally, you are to upload your video recording of your elevator pitch and be sure sure the recording […]
June 19, 2019

Std increase in United States employee staffing plan

Create a staffing plan that shows the number of full- and part-time staff, including contractors and volunteers, who will implement your chosen public health intervention in response to your chosen FOA. Deliver the staffing plan in an outline form, briefly describing each individual’s job title and responsibilities. Include an organizational chart showing where these positions reside and to whom they will report. Submission Details: Develop a 3 -5 page staffing plan. Cite all sources on a separate page using APA standards. I have attached the previous assignments
June 19, 2019

acute respiratoray failure

Pathophysiological Discussion on: Acute respiratory failure, please look a the sample document I attached as well it will help to get a better understanding,a 1 page 1/2 please read all help information on the chart to help with paper.MUST CITE INFORMATION THANKS:)  In one to two paragraphs, summarize the current physical disease process, surgical procedure, or mental health alteration that applies to your patient. Discuss in your own words.  Explain why this patient is encountering this particular health deficit, if applicable.  Describe the relationship of this current health alteration or situation to co-morbid medical conditions.  Identify […]
June 19, 2019

Discussion question

In Table 13.1 of the text, there is a list of the top cultural values in Americans. Pick the three that resonate with you the most and discuss how you believe those values are reflected in health care delivery system in the United States. Also, choose and ethnic minority and research their cultural values. Does todays health care delivery system reflect those values? Write an original response of 250 words and make sure to support your comments for your main post with at least two scholarly sources use current APA style citations in-text and for references at the end
June 19, 2019

Review managed care contracts

Review managed care contracts for different payment plans (PPO, HMO, Fee for services, etc.) and describe provider incentives and risks under each of the following reimbursement methods: a.Cost-based b.Charge-base (including discounted charges) c.Per procedure d.Per diagnoses e.Per diem f.Global pricing g.Capitation
June 19, 2019

Case Study Tulsa Memorial Hospital (SoonerCare)

This is a group assignment being completed with others and I am in charge of the introduction or background history. Case Study Tulsa Memorial Hospital (SoonerCare). See the attached document’s for the Case Study. Again I ONLY need the introduction/background history to get this started.
June 19, 2019

Argument Evaluation

Find an article of interest to you. As you read the article, identify at least three ambiguous key words, provide at least two plausible meanings for those words, and determine whether the context of the article has made the meaning clear. If not, show how different meanings affect the strength of the reasoning. Remember: the purpose of identifying ambiguity is to recognize its impact on the reasoning structure.
June 19, 2019

Dissecting Arguments

Read the following article from the Washington Post: Debate Over Gun Control Returns to Fore Post what you think the issue, conclusion, and finally the supporting reasoning of the argument provided in the article are according to the author of the article. You should also post what “indicator words” you used to help identify the conclusion and, thus, the issue. Hint: The issue will be stated as a question, with the conclusion answering that question. By the way, as part of this course, you may be reading articles and/or watching videos with which you have a different opinion. Of course, […]
June 19, 2019

End stage renal failure

Pathophysiological Discussion  Discuss the current disease process at the cellular level (in your own words).  Explain why this patient is encountering this particular health deficit.  Describe the relationship of this current health alteration to co-morbid medical conditions?  Describe the disease process: etiology, epidemiology, pathophysiologic mechanism, clinical manifestations and medical and surgical management of the alterations.  Identify common complications that may occur with the alterations or treatment modalities.  What is the patient’s overall prognosis.  Include appropriate references and use APA format. Select and attach the summary of a research article pertaining to diagnosis of […]
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