June 19, 2019

Discussion question

After reading Read like a Graduate Student, not a Mystery Fan, discuss what you believe to be the most valuable advice from Doane’s article. Then, using EBSCO, find the following; •Title: Critical Thinking and Higher Order Thinking: A Current Perspective •Aurthor: Shaughnessy, Michael •Date: 2012 Read Chapter 1, utilizing one or more of Doane’s strategies. Finish the post by doing three things: •Sharing what strategy/strategies you applied, •Evaluating the effectiveness of your chosen strategy/strategies, and •Presenting an idea from Shaughnessy’s chapter that stood out to you. •Provide both in-text and reference citations. For your follow up post…review the responses provided […]
June 19, 2019

Managed Care Trends

Managed Care Trends/Issues Analysis Research and evaluate what you believe to be the top three most significant trends/ issues in managed care today. Provide explanations for your three choices. Your paper must be two double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style . Utilize a minimum of three- to- five scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last three years. All sources must be documented in APA style.
June 19, 2019

10 Essential Services of Public Health

10 Essential Services of Public Health Public health services are divided into four major categories and 10 specific services. Complete the worksheet, to access, click here:Preview the document Describe the four major categories and 10 essential services of public health and find a real-life example of each service. Provide a definition for each of the four categories and 10 essential services of public health listed on the worksheet. (The definition should be approximately three to four sentences each, written in your own words.) Identify via an internet search a real-life example of each of the 10 essential services. (The example […]
June 19, 2019

Role transition reference

Access the UTA Online Library • Search for two articles on the role transition from RN to BSN. • For each article, complete the information below. Article 1 reference: List entry in correct APA format. Brief summary paragraph (in your own words) of approximately 3-4 sentences: Article 2 reference: List entry in correct APA format. Brief summary paragraph (in your own words) of approximately 3-4 sentences:
June 19, 2019

Type II Diabetes (childen)

Imagine you are in charge of your local health department. You have found that your community has an epidemic of one of the diseases below (as noted by your last name). Explain the actions you should take to reduce or stop the spread of the disease in your community. Develop a policy brief that you would implement to ensure that the disease incidence rate is reduced or eliminated.
June 19, 2019

discussion post

Locate one claim or point that needs to be strengthened within one body paragraph of your Unit 6 Assignment. Then find one reliable and relevant source that will support it. Include the URL link to the source in your post so your classmates can review the source. Then, explain why this source is reliable and relevant to your paper. Select a body paragraph from your Unit 6 Assignment that needs research information to support, develop, or clarify ideas effectively. Then, paraphrase and incorporate the relevant source from the source you selected into that paragraph to help clarify, develop, or explain […]
June 19, 2019

Ethics in Public Health

Ethics in Public Health Case Study Step 1: Select one of the following case studies for your paper: Jennings, B., Kahn, J., Mastroianni, A., and Parker, L. S. (n.d.). Ethics and public health: Model curriculum. Retrieved from Module 4: Community-based practice and research: collaboration and sharing power Introductory information: p. 103-117 (14 pages) Case Study 1: Providing culturally appropriate services in a changing community p. 119-122 (4 pages) Question SheetPreview the document Module 7: Ethical issues in environmental and occupational health. Introductory Information: p. 157-168 (10 pages) Case Study 1: Environmental Injustice in Homer, Louisiana: p. 170-173 (4 pages) […]
June 19, 2019

Community Health Roles

Community Health Roles Complete The Community Health Roles worksheet. (Instructions are also on the first two pages of the worksheet) Part I: Start by reviewing the articles on quasi-government and non-governmental agencies in your REQUIRED course materials. Then: Provide solid definitions of governmental agencies, quasi-government, non-government agencies. Please do not copy your definitions from a dictionary or any source. You must explain these in your own words. Copying and/or direct quoting will result in 0 points on this portion of your assignment. Explain the difference between public health and medical services. Part II: INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the chart below. In each […]
June 19, 2019

Does the threat of litigation make health care professionals more accountable or does it merely increase the cost of delivery

In this litigious society, health care professionals are increasingly becoming the target for lawsuits, both legitimate and frivolous. Does the threat of litigation make health care professionals more accountable or does it merely increase the cost of delivery (which is then paid for by society)? Write an original response of 250 words and make sure to support your comments for your main post with at least two scholarly sources
June 19, 2019

Health care leaders

2 – 3 page reflection (APA format), please discuss your thoughts on whether health care leaders have a responsibility to be culturally competent, and why or why not. Please use your readings as resources (as well as any outside resources you may discover), although particularly pertinent are the Buchbinder & Shanks text and the article from Dr. Gawande.
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