June 20, 2019

Food diary & diet analysis

The diet analysis assignment is designed to give each student some insight to eating habits. Each student will write a 500-word paper analyzing the results Explain the concept of MyPlate Assessing the diet on the following areas Follow a healthy eating pattern across the lifespan, Is your diet sustainable? Focus on variety, nutrient density, and amount (calorie intake vs output) Limit calories from added sugars & saturated fats & reduce sodium & alcohol intake Shift to healthier food and beverage choices Choose plant sources of protein rather than animal proteins Increased quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables Compare how […]
June 20, 2019

Nutrition and Physical Fitness Plan

Create a meal diary for yourself for one day. Create a healthy version of each meal and snack and an unhealthy version. Write a summary of the meal including the required elements listed. Include references in APA format for any sources used. Answer the questions located below the tables.
June 20, 2019

Body composition and Flexibility

This assignment is due in 7 hours. It must be submitted by 11:30 PM (Eastern Time) today, May 10, 2018. In a few paragraphs, discuss ways that adequate levels of flexibility can help minimize the potential for injury. List the benefits to be realized by working to maintain a health-enhancing body composition level.
June 20, 2019

Constructing a Table and Appendix

In this assignment, you will construct a table and insert it into an appendix in your existing paper. Tables can be used for a variety of purposes in a paper, with the goal of helping your readers better understand the information in your paper. In many APA papers, tables, figures, visuals, and detailed textual evidence (like interview transcripts) are often found in an appendix or appendices. The use of appendices allows you to convey detailed information or supporting evidence to the reader without distracting from the flow of the main body of the paper. First, review the existing paper that […]
June 20, 2019

Standards of Care and Medical Practice

View the video “The Quality Gap: Medicine’s Secret Killer. ”Compose an 800-1,200 word written review in which you: Define the standards and parameters that health care professionals must have in order to work within their scope of practice. Describe the responsibility health care professionals must have in order to work within their scope of practice. Explain the impact of negligence, malpractice, and litigation on the relationship between patient and provider. The video describes approaches health care providers can take to minimize error, reduce risk, and improve communication and collaboration among provider. Summarize these approaches. Explain how these approaches can improve […]
June 20, 2019

Review the literature regarding mobile apps

Now that your company is aware of their organizational culture, business practices, and issues in leadership and management their interest has turned to mobile technology and social media. As chief health information officer you have been tasked to research the use mobile apps and social media as ways to manage health information. Review the literature about mobile applications (portable devices), social media, and health informatics and address the following: security challenges of portable device as storage and application platforms and security strategies to safeguard data on portable devices. Discuss social networks in health informatics, obstacles to securing data on social […]
June 20, 2019

Children and Exercise

Write a two-page paper on the topic provided. Follow APA guidelines and be sure to provide a cover sheet and a citation sheet (not to be counted in the number of required pages). Each paper should start with an introduction to the topic; contain a strong body substantiated with facts and a conclusion utilizing your critical thinking skills. Paper is due on Tuesday at 11:59 AM (Eastern Time). Topic: Children and Exercise Discuss and explain the importance of working with young children to incorporate daily exercise in their lives. Start your paper with data from your readings and research stating […]
June 20, 2019

Legislator Handout

Policy Process Proposal assignment from Week Two Imagine you feel it is important to meet with your legislator to obtain his/her support on your policy so it can be presented for approval. Your legislator has little time and needs a brief, concise overview of what the policy entails and why he/she should support its passage. Create an informational tool that you will hand to a legislator about the pros of your selected policy to convey a recommended course of legislative action to change a public policy that contributes to the greater good of health care. Some examples of such tools […]
June 20, 2019

Chlamydia infection

Chief Complaint (Chlamydia Infection) • Relevant Patient History (HPI, PMH, FH, SH, ROS This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOBJECTIVE: Focus vs. Comprehensive • Physical Examination • Systematic manner • Including appropriate documentation This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeASSESSMENT: Relevant Differential for presenting problem • Disease process as it relates to CC (5pts) • Plan of Care for each Differential Diagnose. (5pts) Including pertinent Diagnostics WITH Rationale • Developmental lifespan considerations (5pts) • Pertinent positives & negatives (5pts) o Rationale for ruling out Differential Diagnose This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePLAN OF CARE: Specific to […]
June 20, 2019

Comprehensive Fitness Program

Write a two-page paper on the topic provided. Follow APA guidelines and be sure to provide a cover sheet and a citation sheet (not to be counted in the number of required pages). Each paper should start with an introduction to the topic; contain a strong body substantiated with facts and a conclusion utilizing your critical thinking skills. Paper is due on Monday, May 2, 2018, at 8:00 AM, Topic: Comprehensive Fitness Program Choose a specific age group or health condition and design a comprehensive fitness program that addresses all components of fitness. Make sure you include ability specific, environment […]
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