June 20, 2019

Project Evaluation

Using the project charter developed in Unit 4 and prepare a 5-6 page (excluding references and cover page) paper, which includes at least three external references (not including the textbook). 1. You will create a project conversion strategy for transitioning from the paper- based (manual) to an electronic master patient index (MPI) system. 2. Develop a checklist that the project team will utilize to ensure the project has been closed out properly. 3. Outline of the project evaluation, which includes a discussion how the project’s MOV will be evaluated. Requirements: • Submission of three completed review forms for each of […]
June 20, 2019

Policy Proposal Project-Opioid Epidemic

Create a PowerPoint presentation providing a brief summary of your PPP Final Product. It takes skill to write a brief summary. Explain the purpose of this analysis. Share your Problem Statement. List significant stakeholders. Provide description of relevant interest in this issue. Identify your client. Provide a link to a mission page, statement of purpose, or other descriptive resource page. Identify your intended audience. Provide a link to a mission page, statement of purpose, or other descriptive resource page. Describe source of power to influence the desired changes. Write a concise summary (short paragraph) of Background and Landscape information including […]
June 20, 2019

Project Procurement, Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation

These are two separate questions. I don’t need a title page or a reference page. Please list the reference after each question’s answer. 1. What is outsourcing? How does it relate to project procurement management? 2. Describe some of the steps for administrative closure. 100 words each
June 20, 2019

Explain how you would encourage and enforce

This is a two part question. Please be sure to keep the answers to the questions separate from one another. Also have the references listed after each question. No need for a title page. 1. Explain how you would encourage and enforce ongoing training amongst staff on newly implemented systems. 2. Imagine you need to redesign the workflow of the medical coders in Health Information Management in order to accommodate the new financial reimbursement program that is being installed in the Business Office. Explain the impact of this system on the medical coders and detail how you would redesign their […]
June 20, 2019

Journal and Reflective Summary

Write a Reflective summary of your learning. Describe your learning journey in weeks 1 to 5 using Gibbs’ reflective model as the framework. Include: 1. A description of your learning 2. A discussion of your feelings and thinking 3. An evaluation of positive and negative experiences 4. An analysis of your learning in the unit 5. A conclusion identifying possible gaps in your knowledge 6. An action plan, outlining the way in which you will apply your knowledge and learning to your future profession, further study and/or personal life. Your summary should be no less than 750 words You must […]
June 20, 2019

dicussion board 1

stress The purpose of the discussion board (DB) is to encourage you to think critically about the various topics covered in this course. The discussion board is also a great opportunity to interact with others in your class and your instructor. In the first DB, you can pick one from the following topics: Examine the impact of stress on the human body, explain some of the common symptoms and responses of the body to stress. After taking the College Undergraduate Stress Scale, what are your thoughts about the amount of stress you are currently experiencing. List the top two or […]
June 20, 2019

Discussion Question

The value of informal long-term care provided by family members and friends is estimated at over $450 billion annually, more than double the national expenditures for skilled nursing and home care combined. Much of this cost would fall to government if it were not for this informal system. Would you support government assistance for informal caregivers, through mechanisms such as tax reduction incentives, or subsidy for respite care? Why or why not? If not, what alternative measures would you propose to help keep the informal system intact?
June 20, 2019

Overload Principle/ FITT Principle Components of Fitness

Fitness Throughout the Lifespan Kindly answer the following question in 1 page or less, with at least 2 references. Discussion: State how an individual can utilize the Overload and FITT principles to enhance their levels of physical fitness. Discuss how exercise needs to evolve as a person ages utilizing at least 2 dimensions of Health and Wellness, resulting in an enhanced quality of life throughout the lifespan. DUE TODAY APRIL 19, 2018, @ 8PM Please only accept the project if you can complete it on time. Feel free to message me with any questions. You DO NOT have to read/view […]
June 20, 2019

Describe each of the functions of a hospital Human Resources department including the maintenance of a wage and salary program.

Describe each of the functions of a hospital Human Resources department including the maintenance of a wage and salary program. 2. How does medical malpractice impact hospitals and what can hospitals do to avoid potential malpractice liabilities? 3. Define diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence, and explain the importance of each in terms of providing safe and quality patient care. 4. What is The Joint Commission and how are hospitals accredited? 5. Discuss strategic planning processes and benefits. Include the roles and responsibilities of the hospital’s board of trustees and senior leadership team in the planning process. 6. Describe hospital billing […]
June 20, 2019

The Outbreak Process

The Outbreak Process In the first chapter of Outbreak Investigations Around the World (OIATW), Dworkin writes, “Outbreak Work is Reactive.” He describes the process as being an organic and goes on to explain that many of the steps in the process can sometimes get switched or eliminated. What are your thoughts on his analysis? As a fun first exercise, select the step you think is the most critical during an investigation. Critically think through the outbreak process and how it may change during the investigation. Think through the steps and explain your rationale for choosing the step you did, and […]
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