June 25, 2019

Community Nutrition Project

Instructions for the assignment can be found on page 4 of the syllabus (attached), under the title, “Community Nutrition Project”. In addition to the 7 page paper, I will need an abstract and topic proposal as well as a works cited page in APA format.
June 25, 2019

Health Administration Services

Final Project (The Profile) Instructions My professional field is “Health Administration Services” Journalistic Profile This is your final project—Due in Week 13. There will be a proposal for this assignment (due in Week 12) and a rough draft peer review (in Week 12) Implementing the techniques and devices we’ll study in the various modes of literary journalism, you will compose a 5 page journalistic profile of a person working in the professional field you wish to enter. This is NOT to resemble a biography; it is to be a work of creative nonfiction—more specifically, a work of reportage that, as […]
June 25, 2019

Health Care

prepare a one (1) Pager, comparing/contrasting between the United States and another country of your choice, one of the following sectors of health care delivery: Long-term Care, Mental Health Inpatient Care, Acute Care Hospital or Preventive Care Services. You may use any sources to prepare your 1 Pager: websites, interviews, etc. Please cite your sources on a second page. In your 1 Pager please address: -access to care (20 points) -cost (20 points) -quality (20 points) -consumer perspective (20 points) -Based on all the information you are able to recover and your review, what are the three (3) overall conclusions […]
June 25, 2019

Discussion Board

For your original posting, find a journal article from a peer-reviewed journal on one of the following topics: Fiber Carbohydrate metabolism Protein metabolism Fat metabolim Protein requirements Fed vs. fasting Cardiovascular disease Metabolic syndrome Functional Foods Dietary supplementation DRIs Nutritional deficiencies EFAs Bariatrics Please provide a short synposes of your chosen article and pose one question to your classmates from your reading. Attached is a document that will assist you in determining if your article chose is peer reviewed or not. You can also choose peer reviewed as an option within your search criteria when utilizing the UH library search […]
June 25, 2019

Population Summary Report

I would like to hire you to write a summary about asthma. Please note you need to write Population Outline and Population Bullet Point List. Please look at attachments, all you need is there. let me know if you need anything else.
June 25, 2019

What was the tone of the PSA?

Initial Post: Find a public services announcement (PSA) on a billboard. Then, in a 250-300 word post, explain the PSA (you may include a photo in your post) and discuss the following: Who was the intended audience? Was it created appropriately for them? What was the tone of the PSA? The style? Explain the overall message of the PSA. Did you feel the PSA was effective? Why or why not? Evaluation Criteria for Individual Assignment- initial response (6 points): 1. Answers are correct (1 point). 2. Answers are thorough in discussion of each aspect of the topic(s) (2 points). 3. […]
June 25, 2019

Journal Article Critique

Journal Article Critique Assignment Guide The Assignment: The students will write a 2-3-page critique of the journal article that they summarized. Specific Details of the Assignment: To complete this writing assignment, the students will: Annotate the article a second time. This time the annotation should be evaluative and keep in mind the questions on pp. 249-250 on the textbook. Use and fill out p. 1 of the APA template. Provide the APA citation of the article (i.e. References) at the outset. (See the sample critiques under Canvas/Files/Journal Article Critique.) Begin writing the critique by using one of the starters for […]
June 25, 2019

Policy Memorandum

Your policy memorandum with recommendations paper should not exceed 12 pages, including a one-page executive summary. It should be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. All citations and references should be formatted according to current APA guidelines. see attached
June 25, 2019


EFFECT OF OBESITY ON BREAST CANCER Purpose OF THE RESEARCH(1 PAGE) Significance OF THE RESEARCH THEORETICAL Framework (1 PAGE) Research Questions Nature of the Study Possible Types and Sources of Data References Chan, D. S. M., et al. “Body mass index and survival in women with breast cancer—systematic literature review and meta-analysis of 82 follow-up studies.” Annals of Oncology 25.10 (2014): 1901-1914. James, F. R., et al. “Obesity in breast cancer–what is the risk factor?.” European journal of cancer 51.6 (2015): 705-720. Chan, Doris SM, and Teresa Norat. “Obesity and breast cancer: not only a risk factor of the disease.” […]
June 25, 2019

Masters in Leadership

a statement of intent for my admissions to Royal Roads University for my Master of Arts in Leadership with Health Specialization My personal Statement should consist of 1 or 2 page letter indicating your motivation for seeking entrance to the program. Statement should comment upon your personal and career goals, the expectation I have for the program in relation to the achievement of your goals, and the strengths you feel you bring to the program. I have attached my resume and the Personal Statement of what is required. If you write me the POS and highlight where I need to […]
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