June 27, 2019

Leadership and Change Management on NHS Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services

A poster (one A4 Powerpoint Slide) demonstrating leadership and change management on NHS Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services. Another slide contains list of at least 10 references. (So, total just two slides). With some information from:
June 27, 2019

the government’s impact on health reform in the U.S. healthcare delivery system

write an executive summary that outlines the government’s impact on health reform in the U.S. healthcare delivery system. provide a brief analysis of the ethical principles thatmust be addressed within health reform in order to create a more equitable healthcare system
June 27, 2019


Typed Annotated Bibliography of 5 resources found so far for your research paper, including APA formatted references. Note: Do NOT copy and paste abstracts to produce your annotated bibliography (this would be plagiarism). An annotated bibliography is your understanding of the resource and how it might relate to your research, with proper APA reference, in your own words. My topic is hospice . .SO im writing a research paper about hospice and i need 5 good resources to use. Once you find the resources you basically right an abstract for each resources you find i will attach an example .
June 27, 2019


Student will create a one page fact sheet on any health or aging issue they are interested in. Utilize accurate health information from a viable professional source. List your sources on separate sheet if needed or incorporate the sources into the message! Identify and promote optimal health practices in a format that is easy to read and understand for all! One accommodation for the elderly could be using large print.
June 27, 2019

Is healthcare in the United States is a right or a privilege

The student will write an 1,800-word paper in current APA format stating his or her position as to whether healthcare in the United States is a right or a privilege. The student’s position must be supported by at least 3 rationales. The paper must also provide definition and details associated with the position. Finally, the paper must relate the student’s position to his or her Christian worldview. The paper must include at least 12 scholarly, researched references
June 27, 2019

Obamacare a bane or boon?

The student will write a 600-word paper in current APA format that summarizes the Affordable Care Act and defines the specific aspect of the act that he or she will address in the form of a problem statement. The problem statement will outline the basic facts of the problem and explain why the problem matters.
June 27, 2019


This is considered a secondary trial since the patients already have the disease. Our population: People with cardiovascular disease Sample population: People with cardiovascular disease without sleep apnea How will we find them: Through screenings and test Our intervention: The c-pap machine What will the control group get: no treatment Can we do this as a blind study: no because people know whether or not they are using a c-pap* machine Our outcome goal: To see if using a c-pap machine improves the patients cardiovascular health. write only one paper using this information. it won’t be exactly right because it’s […]
June 27, 2019

Outline of Plan and Peer Review for Individual Project

READ here This forum asks that you post your plan for the written or text part of the individual project, which is about needs assessment. First, make sure you have read and reviewed Chapter 6 and see how needs assessment fits into evaluation plans and actions. Next, think about how you would do this for a project. Remember that the actual individual project that considers needs assessment will also have two outside references to support it as well as a visual accompaniment in the form of a powerpoint slide or a poster (that has been made into a jpeg.). Please […]
June 27, 2019

Patient Safety Analysis

It is A case which is attached and there is 10 question which you have to find the answer by analyzing a case. 1. Start by providing a short 4-6 line synopsis of the key elements of the case – and discuss what kind of incident occurred (week 1). 2. What defenses in the system failed in this case? Can you construct a Swiss cheese analysis of the system defenses and what occurred? 3. What was the culture like in this care setting(s)? What was the leadership like? How do you know? 4. Analyze issues pertaining to human factors, teamwork […]
June 27, 2019

Professional development

How can computer software help health care professionals engage in professional development, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination activities at their own pace and leisure?.
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