June 27, 2019

Evolving Technology

Technology is changing and evolving. Conduct a search if the Internet or print literature to identify 1 new or emerging technologies. Write a 1/2 to 1 page summary and describe each technology and discuss its potential use in the management of health care information or the development if health care information systems.
June 27, 2019

Validity of a diagnosis

You are asked about a diagnosis with which you are unfamiliar. Where would you start looking for information? How you determine the validity of the information?
June 27, 2019

Social Media Memo

Your assignment is to assume you are the manager of a Health Care facility. Write a memo (Microsoft Word templates) to your employees outlining the guidelines for accessing Social Media in your health care facility. Start by conducting research on the Internet to identify articles and information regarding Social Media in the workplace. In your memo you should cite past problems other health care facilities have experienced related to employees using Social Media and HIPAA violations. Some questions to ponder when writing the summary: Should your employees have access to Social Media in the workplace? If so, what times are […]
June 27, 2019

HCR305 discussion board

Review the literature available by google sites (…. be sure to check the State of site) related to Michigan’s (or other states) decision to expand the Medicaid Program. Take a position on the legislators action. Do you think it was a good decision to expand the Medicaid program? How has it grown in membership? If not, and you disagree with the expansion …. why? What has happened in other states? Be sure to include in your assessment to address why many legislators (particularly Republicans) have fought the expansion of Medicaid at the state level.
June 27, 2019

HIPAA Security Violations

Visit the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement Activities and Results web site. Read at least 3- 5 case examples involving HIPAA security violations. What do these cases have in common? What are their differences? Do all of the Security Rule violations you read also involve Privacy Rule violations? What were your impressions of the types of cases you read and their resolutions? Write a 1/2 to 1 page summary to answer these questions.
June 27, 2019

Database, Data Warehouse, and Data Mining

Reflect or research the following terms: database, data warehouse, and data mining. What do they have in common? How do they differ?
June 27, 2019

Discussion Board HCR 411

You need to find an article about your topic that you picked. This article has to be about the cost effectiveness of a way to fix your topic. You have to post 250 words or more and do this inside your post: make a summary of what the article is about and what it says, what do you recommend to the policy making people as a good intervention to help the cost effectiveness of your topic, answer how the article helps you write your paper and provide the reference. I have upload my article but I need u to find […]
June 27, 2019

Global Awareness Power Point Presentation

Global Awareness PowerPoint Presentation: Students will select a culture and compare and contrast, while considering the health belief model, and corresponding practices to those of the American culture. Students should have an understanding of the health belief model and use the basic tenets of said model as a guide with consideration to this assignment. Topics a student could potentially choose from are as follows, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, cancer, HIV/aids, a specific type of cancer, obesity, nutrition, and the list continues. Students should choose a topic which they possess an interest. Students will identify a topic of choice, which must be […]
June 27, 2019

email to a friend

Write a 350- to 700-word email to a friend that describes the purpose of the BSHA program and how you believe it will help you achieve your goals. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
June 27, 2019

Fat Chance

Forum Format: Each person posts one discussion – Each student can post exactly one new discussion topic, which everyone can then reply to. Subscription Format: Forced subscription – Everyone is subscribed and cannot unsubscribe Please read the article titled “Fat Chance” discuss the following: What is your overall impression of this article? (1.5 point) Identify one important concept that you learned while reading this article? (1 point) Mechanics (reference if any, word limit) (.5 points) DO: Explain why you agree or disagree, and add some examples to support your belief. Relate your personal or work experiences to the topic at […]
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