June 27, 2019

fighting flu

I have presentation with my groups and we chose our topic, our topic is about (Fighting the Flu (Vaccine & Other Health Protecting Measures). And we are going to present to children school so that’s mean I need easy information about this topic please make it as point and give example, our teacher asks us to make it funny and interesting to the kids so, please put some pic related to the topic and Using reliable health data, information, and recommendations, create a poster/flyer template for students to use to reinforce PSA message. Please make the poster/ flyer template with […]
June 27, 2019

Reflection paper

Reflection Papers” — very short (no more than a total of one double-spaced, typed page -12- point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all round). Every Thursday (starting 22 September) you will submit this. In these papers students will respond (separately) to each of two different questions: (1) What, to your mind, is the most interesting or important unanswered question raised in or by the class meeting prior to the day the paper is due, and why? ( taking care) (2) What, to your mind, is the most interesting or important point raised in or by the assigned reading […]
June 27, 2019

Computerized nutrition assignment

Attached you will find Project #1-Diet & Wellness, a computerized diet analysis and the Grading Rubric. You will need Cengage MindTap to complete this project. You will have to register your Access Card Code and Course Key and login to MindTap. You will find the Course Key in Materials “How to Access Cengage MindTap” . Click on Materials from your main screen. Please read the project carefully and completely before you begin it. Do not wait until the last minute to do this project in case you encounter a problem…..I do have to mail this to the teacher so I […]
June 27, 2019

Discussion Board

Post a 300-word statement that consists of: 1) a 150-word summary of the film and 2) your 150-word reaction to the film. For example, when describing your reaction, share any similar or different experiences with the health care system that you or others you know have had. You may choose to refer to a newspaper article that discusses topics similar to those of the film; if discussing an article, provide its title and source. the link of the film you will find it in the file please watch it and write about it
June 27, 2019

Pilot Program

For this Assignment, in 4-6 pages design a pilot program and evaluation to address community needs for your Final Project initiative proposal. In your Assignment, be sure to include the following items: Description of your proposed program that you developed in Weeks 3 and 6 Description of your proposed pilot program Describe a small scale program that will help to determine the feasibility of your final project Describe how many participants, staff, volunteers, and organizations will be involved Description of your proposed evaluation of the pilot program including a tool (Six Sigma, TQM, etc…) to improve the proposed piloted processes […]
June 27, 2019


General Instructions write a brief reflection essay (up to four paragraphs in length) about the following prompt. Please type your essay draft as a Word 2010 document and No citations or bibliographic references are necessary. Essay Prompt – It has been documented that some doctors perform surgeries while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Currently, the ability to track the abuse of controlled substances by healthcare workers in the United States is very limited. What new policies would you propose to eradicate this practice at the national level?
June 27, 2019

Reflective Paper

Reflective Paper 20% (Due: January 29, 2017) The reflective paper will focus on the role of values in policy. In this short paper students are required to do three things: 1) Identify a major issue in Canadian health policy currently and discuss why it is important; 2) Identify several social determinants/equity issues that you think are relevant to the issue the policy is trying to address and; 3) Discuss what role you think values have played in shaping the policy issue. This paper should reflect your own views and as such you do not need to use any references. This […]
June 27, 2019

Fetal Development

There are two parts to this assignment. In the first part you will create a presentation or chart showing the stages of fetal development. Then, for the second part, you will answer questions about genetic testing and the ethical decisions involved. Part 1: Create a presentation or chart explaining the stages of fetal development. Each developmental period should be identified and briefly explain the development taking place. Part 2: Use the document “Genetic Testing” to access short answer questions regarding genetic testing and the ethical decisions involved in genetic testing. Use two to four scholarly resources to support your chart […]
June 27, 2019

Incentivizing Health Using Behavioral Economics

The Case for Incentivising Health Using Behavioral Economics comes from Australia, but the challenges of combating chronic disease there are similar to (if not worse than) the challenges present in the United States. Read the case carefully and consider the list of behavioral economic cues listed in the executive summary (page 7 of 32). Which of these do you consider to be most impactful in terms of changing healthcare behaviors of the patient? Which of them would you most readily respond to as a patient? Which are most likely to be adopted by providers and insurance companies?
June 27, 2019

System Support

write 1 page ONLY Discuss the risks to a health care organization in failing to allocate sufficient support and resources to a newly implemented health care information system.
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