July 2, 2019

Trafficking in Persons

Write a 600 word – double-spaced response paper. These papers should be thoughtful reactions to or evaluations of the readings for the unit. Give a brief summary (75-100 words) first and then give your response. Examples of topics to cover (but not limited to these) in your reaction papers include the following: Critical evaluations of the authors’ questions, methods or conclusions. An analysis of the authors’ perspectives and biases, including a discussion of what points they did not discuss that might have been relevant. Implications of the authors’ points. Similarities or differences between the readings and other readings we have […]
July 2, 2019


Students will find a primary or secondary peer reviewed article on their research problem/question for each SA. In the upper left-hand corner of the paper include a) your name, b) the course and section, c) which paper it is (e.g., SA #1) Include a complete citation for your article (not just a URL) in APA or MLA style, and submit paper and Bb copies. Cover pages are not necessary. SA #1 Due: Monday, July 2
July 2, 2019

Compare Nietzsche’s ethics (Chapter 2) with Aristotle’s ethics of virtue

Discuss the following In 500 – 700 substantive (thoughtful, insightful) and well written words: 1. Compare Nietzsche’s ethics (Chapter 2) with Aristotle’s ethics of virtue. What are the similarities and differences? How might Aristotle respond to the charge that his ethics are really a “gentleman’s” version of Nietzche’s more shocking ideas? or 2. Examine the significance of the Great Stone Face in Hawthorne’s story. How does it affect the values and virtues of the people of the valley? What virtues does Ernest manifest? Fully explain your answers.
July 2, 2019

When examining serial murder globally, U.S. profiles of serial murder cannot be applied cross-culturally

Serial Murder from a Global Perspective and Responding to Serial Killers When examining serial murder globally, U.S. profiles of serial murder cannot be applied cross-culturally. Provide at least one example from Chapter Eleven which illustrates this point. Once someone in the class has cited one aspect of Chapter Eleven, try not to replicate this point in order to avoid any redundancy. Next, according to the book, as Japan’s pornography industry expands, the number of sex crimes has markedly decreased. Does this finding surprise you? Does pornography lead to an increase in sexual violence or does it, in fact, give would-be […]
July 2, 2019

Critical Analysis

Need analysis of the American made movie New Jack City. 5 paragraphs. No need to use or cite references. Paragraph format: 1. Introduce topic, ffacts,and issues. State what you will analyze from a criminological perspective Paragraph 2. Provide facts relevant to rge the analysis Paragraph 3. Provide relevant issues to be addressed Paragraph 4. Analyze the issues you addressed in context and provide independent analysis 5. Provide final of what you believe are the core explanations you feel were worthy of analysis.
July 2, 2019

Expository Writing

This task will require you to write a 500 word reflection based on the following question: “What do you think the key role of the NSW Police Force is, and what skills do you bring to the organisation in order to execute that role?” This assessment will be worth 20% of the overall mark for this unit, and will address learning outcomes 2 and 3. This assessment is due by midnight on Friday Week 3. It is important that you undertake some research for this assessment. Students who only include why they wish to be in the NSW Police Force […]
July 2, 2019

Criminology discussion

Consider discussing drug use in countries such as the Netherlands, where drugs have been legally obtainable since 1976. The rate of addictions in the Netherlands is low compared to other European countries and the crime rate has decreased significantly since 1976. On the other hand, although Spain decriminalized some drugs and tolerates the use of heroin and cocaine, it still has the highest AIDS death rate in Europe, with approximately 75% of these deaths related to the use of intravenous drugs. Please search this topic online and share your results with the class. The text focuses primarily on female prostitutes […]
July 2, 2019

Push And Pull Factors

Please consider this note from my professor. as I have told others who selected this as one of their topics, make sure that you are researching the involuntary servitude as a result of human trafficking, as opposed to those who do it voluntarily and or to repay or support drug habits, etc. The term we would want to use is “sex trafficking” as opposed to prostitution.
July 2, 2019

Police study of Canadian corrections

This assessment is worth 40% of your final grade (Section A worth 25% and Section B worth 15%); • You are responsible for answering ALL short answer questions in Section A and ONE long answer question in Section B; • There is no length requirement for your answers. The only requirement is that you answer the question effectively; • Answers should be double-spaced in 12 font; • The questions cover all Instructor’s notes, section readings and required readings; • You are expected to answer the questions using the required course content. No sources outside of required course content are required […]
July 2, 2019

Female serial murderers

This is a reaction paper to these two videos. Discus the role of gender plays in the development of the female serial offender. How are the motivations for the crimes similar and different to male offenders? Be sure to give examples to support your findings.
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