September 5, 2019

Resume and Cover Letter

Using the recommendations and models presented on the websites and, develop (or update) your resume so that it is ready for your school counseling position search process. In addition to your resume, prepare a form cover letter that will serve as the template for your job search. Keep in mind that this letter will need to be modified depending on the school districts and schools to which you are applying. This document should be 4 pages in length. Job post for a cover letter:,9_KE10,21.htm?jl=2212370944
September 5, 2019

Critical Analysis of Research Article

This assignment will revolve around the article, “Examining ableism in higher education through social dominance theory and social learning theory” (Kattari, 2015). The final critical analysis should be approximately 1000 words in length and adhere to APA referencing and citation style. Be sure to include the APA reference in your write-up.
September 5, 2019

Reflection Paper of my lesson plan

Reflect on your lesson in the field and write and a 3 paragraph reflection(1 page),(no double space) .In your essay, evaluate what went well during your lesson and what you would like to have changed. As you reflect on your experience this week, write a narrative essay and answer the following questions: 1. Were you prepared for your lesson? Fully explain your answer. (25 pts.) 2. How can you improve your classroom management skills? What do you feel you need to work on? (20 pts.) 3. Did the children learn what you intended to teach? Explain how you know that […]
September 5, 2019

Why full day kindergarten doesn’t work

1. The type of assignment is Summary and Analysis Essay. 2. All instruction and requirements will be attached. 3. please read and follow instruction very carefully.
September 5, 2019

understanding the principles of learning and teaching

Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. Assignment 1 Understanding the principles of learning and teaching (30%) Students (Novice Teachers) are required to observe an experienced teacher teaching and accompanied by student’s mentor. 1. Discuss with the mentor the important features of an effective lesson. 2. Submit (a) Novice Teacher Observation Form (NTOF), and (b) a copy of the experienced teacher’s lesson plan. 3. Based on your observation of the experienced teacher’s teaching, , write in not more than 1500 words on : a) Critically explain your understanding of learning and how others learn. b) Explicate in detail the […]
September 5, 2019

Teaching an Effective Lesson

Assignment 2 Task 1 Teaching an Effective Lesson (35%). Please use the lesson plan and QAT observation for your reference and develope your teaching. You are required to conduct a lesson. 1. The mentor will observe your teaching to provide you with formative feedback for you to use in your reflection. 2. Submit your lesson plan together with your Mentor Observation Quality Observation Form (QAT) 3. Write in not more than 1000 words: a) Critically examine and describe how you structured the lesson to make it coherent. b) Explain clearly how the teaching methods, learning activities, and materials that you […]
September 5, 2019

Facilitating learning through effective teaching

Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. I have 2 QAT Observation from my Mentor. This Task will talk about my improvement of teaching. First QAT I got 46D and the second QAT I got 55C.Meaning to say i have improve my teaching. 1. The mentor will observe your teaching to provide formative feedback for your reflective practice. 2. Submit your lesson plan together with your Mentor Observation Quality Observation Form (QAT) 3. Write in not more than 1000 words: a) Explain clearly how you developed your lesson and how it is linked to pupils’ previous learning. b) Provide […]
September 5, 2019

Technology can be used

1. Watch the videos below on how technology can be used during observations in early childhood classrooms. Practice using several techniques and post your experiences to the discussion forum. Right click and open in a new tab Post your experiences using different types of technology for observation.
September 5, 2019

Rubric for emerging reading skills in 1st grade students

Design a developmental rubric for emerging reading skills in 1st grade students. Find objectives for beginning readers to develop the characteristics for different stages of development. Use the Florida Standards for 1st grade to find the reading curriculum objectives. List five characteristics of the beginning reader for the categories of pre-reader, beginning reader and fluent reader. Organize the rubric into the three levels. Then determine what the child will be able to accomplish at each level of the rubric.
September 5, 2019

Foundations of Structured English Immersion

Based on key legislation pertaining to English language learners (ELLs) from your state and from your readings, create a brochure, newsletter, or Glogster to be used to inform parents in your community about English immersion policies and programs. Include the following: – Historical developments that led to the policies regarding the role of English in their children’s classrooms. – Pros for the English immersion program in the community or school you have chosen. – At least two websites that enable parents to get additional information about the English immersion programs that parents would need to know about. – A description […]
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