July 8, 2019

Qualitative research

Read these two articles first, then read the article report and just answer those two questions within the article report which I uploaded. 1. Blandisi, I.M., Clow, K.A., & Ricciardelli, R. (2015). Public perceptions of the stigmatization of wrongly convicted individuals: Findings from semi-structured interviews (Links to an external site.). The Qualitative Report, 20(11), 1881–1904. Retrieved from 2. Dixon, C.S. (2015). Interviewing adolescent females in qualitative research (Links to an external site.). The Qualitative Report, 20(12), 2067–2077. Retrieved from
July 8, 2019

John Rawls’ Influence on Justice

VIDEO ATTACHMENT An Introduction to John Rawls’s Theory of Justice – A Macat Politics Video (Links to an external site.) “How can a society make sure it is just? The theory known as “justice as fairness” sets out two main principles to ensure this.” ASSIGNMENT The above video posits that John Rawls’s Theory of Justice is “the most important moral philosophy since World War II.” Watch the video. Conduct research. Provide basic biographical data on Rawls. Use print media resource materials to discuss, describe, and define Rawls’ thoughts reference the following: Justice as Fairness Original Position Distributive Justice Veil […]
July 8, 2019

cybercrime exercise

The cybercrime section of the LAw Management and Enforcement (LAME) has been tracking a major spammer and is analyzing some of the spam received from them. You, as a local LAw Management and Enforcement Representative (LAMER), have been assigned to investigate the spam coming from this spammer. Review the sample of 10 emails contained in the appendix of this document. You are to analyze each email, and for each email, report on the following questions (you will either have to conduct a bit of external research, or hypothesize to answer some of these questions): Is this a spam email? What […]
July 8, 2019

Exposes Police Culture of Corruption & Abuse

VIDEO ATTACHMENT Ex-Baltimore Cop…Exposes Police Culture of Corruption & Abuse (Links to an external site.) Published on Jul 10, 2015 “Former U.S. Marine and Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood, Jr. made headlines when he Tweeted about the abuses he witnessed fellow Baltimore police officers perpetrating. In this interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Wood reveals the truth behind the “us vs. them” siege mentality pervading urban police forces that leads to a culture of corruption, racism and abuse, and what can be done to bring change for the better to policing in the United States.” ASSIGNMENT In […]
July 8, 2019

Invisible punishment

Identify at least four invisible punishments. What makes these punishments invisible? Why should it matter if punishments are invisible?
July 8, 2019

Is the death penalty a deterrent?

Anottated bibliography needed 5 pages from 5 diffent sources explain what was written in source an if the stace you took is agree apon
July 8, 2019

Situational Awareness

You are to read the following article regarding “Situational Awareness.” Choose one of the five tips and discuss why this is so important to Police Officer safety. Be sure to be analytical and use at least one source as a reference. 5 Tips to Enhance a Situational Awareness Mindset By Christopher Tarantino MEP CMCP, Sep 15, 2015, The world is a dangerous place and situational awareness matters now, more than ever before. But, there is no denying that the game has changed. With new technologies evolving all around us, it’s easy to see that distractions can take their toll […]
July 8, 2019

Analysis of Conceptual

Use the article by Green from this unit’s studies to help you address the following questions and issues: Provide an analysis of the framework from the PhD project presented in the article. Identify anything about conceptual frameworks you found confusing in the article. Answer the following: What is a theory and how is it useful to researchers? Why do most researchers find it useful to develop a conceptual model?
July 8, 2019


the text discusses several types of Computer Crime (ID theft, Hacking, Cyberstalking, Fraud, Viruses, DDoS attacks, Cyberterrorism). Which of these do you think has the most impact? Which would you least like to be the victim of, and why?
July 8, 2019


Identify at least oneIdentify at least one theoretical framework for your research proposal. Briefly discuss how this theory aligns with your proposed research questions. How might your study confirm or add to existing theory? How difficult was it for you to identify a theoretical framework? for your research proposal. Briefly discuss how this theory aligns with your proposed research questions. How might your study confirm or add to existing theory? How difficult was it for you to identify a theoretical framework?
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