July 13, 2019

Learning and research book

it’s an assignment in which u have to write 2550 words and first u have to read the instructions that i send to u then u have to write your own word in your own language. also u have to put reference list, direct quotes, tables, figures, but it can not count in the 2550 words so make sure u first read the instruction and then make an assignment. and please please 100% plagiarize free assignment i need.
July 13, 2019

How Behaving Unethically Hurts Your Company

Assume you are an employee who has discovered some actions within your company that you believe are unethical. Write a 3 page MEMO to the CEO of the company addressing the following topics: Describe the unethical actions. Analyze the benefits and costs to the company of conducting business in an ethical way. Assess the company’s unethical action(s) in terms of how the unethical behavior may hurt the company.
July 13, 2019

Relational leadership

Analysis of a text which should include:1. Contents: The purpose of this part of the analysis is to give an overall introduction to the text. What is the title and topic? Who is the author? What is it about? Basically, what is it for a case (e.g. issue, purpose) the text is about? Which subject area or overall theoretical perspective within the organization field is the text made from? 2. Theoretical terms: The purpose of this part of the analysis is to fold out the theoretical key terms of the text. The analysis might contain a reflection of the following […]
July 13, 2019

thresd Discussion

Click the link above to respond to the discussion. If you need help with completing discussions please click here for more information. “IT…What is it Good For?” Explain the importance of information technology and systems in businesses today. Include at least one (1) real-world industry example where you believe information technology has changed the way that business is performed in that industry. Read the article titled “Using Email Safely”. Next, identify the greatest potential threat to computer users when people and businesses send emails to communicate. Then, imagine that you are to educate a group of people on the threat […]
July 13, 2019

definition of volunteering

Come up with your own definition of volunteering that (1) describes volunteering; (2) addresses the “boundaries” of volunteering – for example, is watching your cousin’s toddler for free volunteering? Is helping your buddy move volunteering? Is it volunteering if you are a counselor at a summer camp and they give you gas money to drive to and from the facility? Is it volunteering if your employer makes you do it as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program?
July 13, 2019


READ Volunteering & Society 21st Century, ch. 2 (Rochester, Paine, Howlett, & Zimmeck, 2009) (S McCurley & Lynch, 2011) pp 8 – 21  WEEK TWO WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: Thinking about your readings, (1) how have the Rochester & McCurley readings enlarged your understanding of volunteering and its boundaries? (2) Rochester lays out four values said to underlie volunteering. Which of those four values do you most closely associate your own volunteering efforts with? Can you pinpoint the place where you first learned those values, and the first time you decided to act on them as a volunteer?
July 13, 2019

chapter 2

First Due for this assignment is today I need with 9 hours In the Course Content folder is a document called “The Chapter Write-Up Template,” and also a “Sample Chapter Write-Up.” Before you do anything, study the sample write-up. Then, using the Template, write up Ch. 2 of McCurley and also add one or two important ideas about how to value Volunteers, from the Blair article. MASTER this format & you will be ahead of the game! It will be the same every time, from here on out. Turn your finished Write-Up in to Drop Box. DUE by 8 am […]
July 13, 2019

The Template

The Template,” write up Chapter 4 of the McCurley book, following the same instructions for highlighting In the Course Content folder is a document called The Chapter Write-Up Template and also a Sample Chapter Write-Up Before you do anything, study the sample write-up. Then, using the Template, write up Ch. 4 of McCurley and also add one or two important ideas about how to value Volunteers, from the Blair article. MASTER this format you will be ahead of the game! It will be the same every time, from here on out. TIPS: Read through, highlighting or jotting notes of ideas […]
July 13, 2019

Phase 4 assignment paper

THIS IS A 3 PART ASSIGNMENT PLEASE SEPARATE WORK BY SECTIONS WORK CAN ALL BE ON THE SAME PAGES JUST MAKE A SEPARATION AS TO WHICH SECTION IT IS FOR AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WORK! **PART 1** INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWED: provide brief responses to the following questions. List your responses in numerical order. Be thoughtful in your responses and show me that you have completed assigned reading and viewed the supplemental material. 1.Who has power in your life? Who do you have power over? 2.Assume you were studying to be a member of Plato’s guardian class. What things […]
July 13, 2019

Organzattional Behavior

In The News OR In My Experience This discussion allows you to share a newsworthy story OR a workplace experience with the class. Your post must use EITHER a workplace scenario that you experienced personally OR a practical, everyday work related story. Your post must provide a brief summary of your story (personal or news related) so that what you are discussing is clear. Whether you discuss a personal workplace scenario or use a work related article, at least one core concept from each of the chapters covered this week MUST BE PRESENT AND a clear connection to the course […]
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