July 13, 2019


write one page about that: _what are the leadership lessons and insights learned from the debate between Trump and Clinton? _what strategies use to impact the studies you learned?
July 13, 2019

Weekly reflection

COMPLETE IN 2 HOURS The first paragraph (collectively between 150 – 200 words maximum) should provide a reflective analysis on how various activities (e.g. completing prescribed reading, completing online quizzes and receiving automated feedback, discussing review/critical thinking questions with peers, listening to recorded/live lecture) undertaken prior to, during, and/or post tutorials/lectures either supported, hindered and/or made no difference to your learning and understanding of the topics assigned for a given period.  The second paragraph (collectively between 150 – 200 words maximum) should provide a reflective analysis on how and why the topic(s) assigned for a given period will or […]
July 13, 2019

Obama Health Care Con

Obama Health Care Con paper due 24 hours from now, the paper should be clear to debate with Pro side. I will present Con perspective, and i need to be clear ideas with strong support ideas. This is an argumentative paper and the writing is from your own ideas (not overuse citation). I appreciate if my paper is understandable, knowledgeable, and agreeable. The most important thing is i want other students agree with my ideas. Human Resource Management BUS 335 Junior and Senior
July 13, 2019

Risk Management in International Business.

Its is a kind of course work.I would like to get my work in 5 different parts; 1) References list (minimum of 15-20) as per APA format Locate a minimum of 15 appropriate external sources related to your research topic. Of these sources, a minimum of 12 must be from peer reviewed scholarly journals. Wikipedia and other related web sites/sources are not appropriate and will not count towards the required minimum. The external sources are not limited to 15. 2)Introduction (2 pages)& Literature review(minimum of 1 page) Introduction of the research problem – Discussion of the relevant literature (Literature Review). […]
July 13, 2019

Obama health care con

Just listen and take a note for speech (If you want to add, please do) This paper for con, but i’ll give you 3-5mins speech video for cons. So it is going to easy for you. I need a paper within 15mins from now, but you can make it
July 13, 2019

Common Principles and Practices Used to Successfully Manage the 21st Century Technology-Intensive Organization

Sections of the Paper: • TITLE PAGE: Refer to the title page template provided in this course syllabus. • ABSTRACT: The abstract will be on page two (2) and has a limit of 150 words, single-spaced. • INTRODUCTION: The introduction will begin on page 3 and will have the heading of introduction centered under the paper title (refer to page 12 of this syllabus). An introduction is necessary to introduce your reader to the topic that you are discussing in the paper they are about to read. The introduction provides the reader supporting information about your topic, the significance, the […]
July 13, 2019


I have presentation and i have 4 questions i already answer it but i need it related to the chapters if you check the attach you will get what i need you should answer it from theories in the chapters, i will upload the questions and the instruction and voice record of meeting the company and chapters please make sure easy vocabulary and basic grammar
July 13, 2019

Gender and Leadership

Based on your research, present an article that discusses gender issues in business. Analyze the key points of the article and make suggestions as to areas that need improvement. Examine key aspects of the country being discussed and the impact the culture may have on any gaps that may contribute to the concept of the glass ceiling.
July 13, 2019


This is Leadership and Supervision class. please write a paragraph for each point below: 1) Self- management 2) Direct and indirect leadership styles 3) Group think 4) HR skills 5) Supervisory plans 6) Making ethical decision include in each paragraph these: -Difinision – practice – example – what is it and what is not –
July 13, 2019

Management decision paper to your employee.

It is a management decision paper about foodservice design issues, like the kitchen design, and how you arrange your equipments.. You need to begin with a scenario for around 400 words then discuss specific problems for around 450 words, solutions and recommendations for around 450 words each, so total will be around 1850 words. This is intended be a management decision paper NOT a term or research paper, which means you are to think of or develop an opportunity where a decision must be made to correct a problem, address a critical issue, or suggest an improvement. The subject should […]
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