July 19, 2019

12 step meetings

compare the 2 different 12-step meetings.. Im running out of time on typing all my papers. Due in 12 hours!! If somebody can help me built a solid foundation, I can add in the fine details of what I saw. I have attended the following for school: Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Students will write a brief summary (750-1,500) of the 12-step groups attended in APA style format. The paper content will include ((but is not limited to) location, events, and important activities of each meeting. Students may summarize, compare and contrast group differences in venue, member composition, location, etc. Also […]
July 19, 2019

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Part I To prepare for the first part of the assessment, complete the following: 1.Review the literature or use health assessments to determine health care needs of a diverse population in your community. 2.Explore things that could influence success, such as cultural attitudes toward alternative forms of healing, religious beliefs, or other individuals. 3.Examine the impact of current health promotion and wellness initiatives on health outcomes and health disparities. 4.Review the literature to identify best practices. Once you have identified a diverse population, develop an educational program, event, or piece of literature that promotes wellness and disease prevention. If you […]
July 19, 2019

Development of Measures of Organizational Leadership for Health Promotion

I am forced by prof to use this scale but I did not know how to write an objectives or a research problem that enables me to use this scale I want you to write a goal and a research problem suitable for the scale My initial idea is to study the relationship between leadership and the effectiviness of health promtion activites in primay health centre
July 19, 2019

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Part 1 Leaders have several strategies that they can use to create a culture of change in an organization. Leaders can utilize the mechanisms identified by Schein to educate current and prospective staff about the organization’s culture and how to maintain that cultural awareness. Evaluate the primary embedding mechanisms and the secondary articulation and reinforcement mechanisms discussed in Ch. 9: Challenges of Change on p. 229 of the Leadership for Health Professionals textbook. • Click the Presentation tab for a link to the textbook. Create a 700-word leadership development plan explaining how you would address each weakness. Consider […]
July 19, 2019


Introduction A teaching plan is an organized, written account of what the client will learn and how you will provide the instruction. There are many different formats for writing a teaching plan. Although formats vary, all teaching plans generally consist of the same elements: Statements of the learning objectives, an outline of the content that will be taught, a selection of teaching and materials/supplies, and a means of evaluating the results. Purpose Introduce students to the assessment and planning phases of creating a teaching plan. Teaching Plan Assignment: Work in your assigned groups and complete the following assignment. Scenario: The […]
July 19, 2019

Effective assessment for a critically ill patient

Assessment in the ICU (NM.ICU_001a) The aim of this case is to explore effective assessment for a critically ill patient. Learning Outcomes After working through this case, you will be able to: 1. Develop systematic skills for initial assessment of ICU patients 2. Identify problems arising from inadequate assessment 3. Consider outcomes to patient/staff/organisation as a consequence of these problems 4. Recognise strategies for maximising patient-centred care. SCENARIO: BACKGROUND You are the nurse who will look after Ms Johnson for the day shift. You can tell that Ms Johnson’s case is complicated, and you want to ensure she receives […]
July 19, 2019

Systems Integration Wire Diagram

Systems Integration Wire Diagram Advances in technology have made it possible to incorporate systems within the functions of health care to improve efficiency across an organization. Integration of functions can be incorporated in the way inventory is kept, supplies are ordered, how patients are billed, and in many other areas. Innovation is key because it drives productivity, reduces errors, and increases profitability. Identify an area within your current organization or one in which you have worked where there is a need for systems integration that will improve quality care and outcomes in the organization. Create a wire diagram of the […]
July 19, 2019

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Assignment Content 1. Because nurses interact with patients more than any other medical personnel do, they play a key role in influencing patient satisfaction. In most cases, nurses have no control over the internal and external factors that cause patient discontent, are usually the recipients of the feedback, and are expected to make improvements. In this assignment, your team will research and assess the metrics for quality improvement in patient satisfaction. Read the following example of a quality measure nurses face but do not have control over: You are a bedside nurse working in a hospital; one of […]
July 19, 2019

Group Process analysis

GROUP PROCESS ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Introduction Learning to work in groups and with groups is an essential part of the nursing role and the nursing practice environment. Developing the skills that facilitate effective group work begins with understanding basic group dynamics and developing an awareness of one’s group behavior. Purpose. The purpose of this assignment is to: identify the key aspects of group process reflect upon one’s behavior when engaged in group work. Assignment Read the assigned required reading. Reflect upon the dynamics that occurred in your NS 300 assigned group. Answer the following questions. Do not discuss your responses with […]
July 19, 2019

How do you feel the course prepared you to meet each of the student learning outcomes

Discussion: How do you feel the course prepared you to meet each of the student learning outcomes? Provide an example for each of the 6 outcomes above. • 250-word minimum • At least 1 reference (the course textbook must be a reference) • Must address topic • Must respond to 1 other discussion question with a minimum of 100 words
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