August 3, 2019

What is your idea of a healthy community?

-What is your idea of a healthy community? Provide specific examples. What do healthy communities have in common? How would you provide care for a community if your idea of a healthy community does not match your community’s definition of a healthy community? 2-Consider the different communities to which you belong: What is the geopolitical community in you live? Why is it geopolitical? What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? Why is it a phenomenological community? What would some challenges and benefits be for community health nurses in providing care for different communities? For similar communities? For the […]
August 3, 2019

Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

Details: As the country focuses on the restructuring of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and fewer will be available in acute care hospitals. Write an informal presentation (500-700 words) to educate nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and change. Include the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, accountable care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics. Share your presentation with nurse colleagues on your unit or department and […]
August 3, 2019

Abstract and Position Paper

For this Assignment, Abstract and Position Paper, you will search for a scholarly journal to publish to. You will follow your selected journal’s guidelines for creating a position paper. You will write an abstract for your paper as if it were going to be published. (The abstract is not the type of abstract you would submit in a paper but one you would write if submitting a paper for publication.) If your selected journal has guidelines for the abstract, follow those guidelines. You must support your work with at least two scholarly peer reviewed articles. Your literature review must evaluate […]
August 3, 2019

Children’s Functional Patterns

In this assignment, you will be exploring actual and potential health problems in the childhood years using a functional health assessment and Erickson’s Stages of Child Development. To complete this assignment, do the following: Complete the “Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment.” Follow the instructions in the resource for completing the assignment. Cite and reference any outside sources used in your answers. Include in your assessment a thorough discussion of Erickson’s Stages of Child Development as it pertains to the development age of the child. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is […]
August 3, 2019

Clinical judgement and daily jurnal

Describe your transition to the professional nurse role this day? What went well? What did not go well? How will you/can you improve your performance whether your day went well or not? Describe a Student Learning Outcome (SLO) that you met. (Should use all SLO’s equally throughout the semester.)
August 3, 2019

Evidence base practice on NG-tube

This paper is due in 3 hours. By inserting a nasogastric tube, you are gaining access to the stomach and its contents. This enables you to drain gastric contents, decompress the stomach, obtain a specimen of the gastric contents, or introduce a passage into the GI tract. This will allow you to treat gastric immobility, and bowel obstruction. Answer this question 1. Value the concept of EBP as integral to determine best clinical practice of Nasogastric tube insertion and care as a Nurse
August 3, 2019

Nursing Clinical reflection paper

I need a total of 4 pages. 1st page is title with running head and page number 2nd-3rd Content with page numbers. I need 3 nursing references. APA format with citations 4th reference page. The topic is Leadership and Management Issues 1. Define either nursing leadership or nursing management 2. Describe at least two situations where nursing leadership or nursing management skills were evident during your clinical rotation ( I did my rotation in the hospital) 3. If you were the nurse leader or nurse manager of that unit, how will you handle these situations? Provide supporting evidence from the […]
August 3, 2019

Physician Assisted Death

Critique Identify input that will strenghten the group work This could be clarity issues or Providing a further source of support. Please note, the advantage of posting a response is to get input -promoting success…So be kind and provide a professional critique which truly supports your colleagues.
August 3, 2019

Discussion Question

Schizophrenia affects not only the patient suffering from the symptoms, but the family members of the affected patient, community members and the nursing/ medical team caring for the affected patient. 1. What do you think a family goes through who has a member who is suffering from schizophrenia? 2. Do you think a patient’s diagnosis of schizophrenia is easily accepted, it’s treatment compliance and acceptance of the diagnosis by the patient’s family differs based on culture? If yes, give examples. If no, give a reason. 3. Why do you think some schizophrenics have a hard time staying on medication? Each […]
August 3, 2019

Nursing Critical Thinking Incident

This a critical thinking incident assignment , attached I have an example of what it is supposed to look like, My SBAR that I’m using for this assignment and the one i started off myself I need you to continue and edit the one i started , the final outcome has to be the patient becoming septic , as per my SBAR, please ask questions before assuming what to do
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