August 8, 2019

Crime Prevention

: Victims’ Rights and the Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing Crime Victims – 1 PAGE- You are a police investigator in Centervale. Recently, there have been complaints from prosecutors, as well as several victims, about the interview techniques used by law enforcement (both first responders and investigators). The prosecution is losing cases because of inadmissible statements made to law enforcement by victims and witnesses in response to improper questioning. Because of their bad experiences early in the investigations, some victims refuse to come to court and testify. There are continuous complaints by victim services specialists that first responders do not […]
August 8, 2019

Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers – 3 PAGES oNLY- Here’s What Happened . . . After your report was presented to the Centervale chief of police, he realized there is a need for training for law enforcement officials. Using the Simpson case as the basis, a proposal was presented and approved by the mayor to fund a special project. You have been asked to produce a written training curriculum to educate the trainers of Centervale’s law enforcement officials about dealing with crime victims. The chief has asked you to cover both stranger violence and intimate violence. Your curriculum will supply trainers with […]
August 8, 2019

Structural violence

. What is meant by the ‘hidden figure’? 2. Where is the ‘ hidden figure’ of violence likely to be greatest. Give reasons? 3. What does Elliott Currie say about the problems of using: a) Crime statistics or, b) Victimization study data or, c). Self- report studies or, d) Making cross-cultural comparisons? 4. Why does Currie regard the homicide figures as the most accurate of the officially collected statistics?
August 8, 2019

6 Essay Questions

Please bear in mind that respectable answers are at least 400 words each. (2) Although you are allowed to use the Internet for research, you may not cut and paste any material into your answers, regardless of whether you cite them. Any violation of this rule will result in a zero on the exam. Questions: 1-6 1) By the year 2050, there will be 8.5 billion people in the world, of whom 5.5 billion will be living in urban areas. The article you read in week five (attached) said that a ‘revolution in thinking’ must occur to alleviate this crisis, […]
August 8, 2019

Complete two questions regarding the slides provides

Part one: Complete two questions regarding the slides provides. A few sentences per question should be fine. You can choose whichever questions I provided the lists and chapter slides. (Two questions per chapter) A total of four questions answered please. Two questions from chapter 13, two questions from chapter 14. (This is about 2/3 page) Part two (discussion): The author discusses the roles of suburbanization, disinvestment, and deindustrialization as primary factors in the decline of urban areas in the U.S. Select one, and discuss how it has contributed to city decline in the U.S. Equally importantly, what can be done […]
August 8, 2019

Sports Violence

Sports Violence After reading about this topic in the Course Materials section, please answer the following questions by replying to this posting by 6/19. You should write at least one or two sentences. Then come back to post a reply to two of your classmates’ responses. 1. Given what you have just read and watched on boxing and Matt Taibbi’s article on the NFL, in which he describes it as a ‘relentless showcase of high-speed violence’, why do we continue to enjoy watching violence in sports? 2. Why have so many male athletes been involved in acts of violence against […]
August 8, 2019

WM Discussion

Part one: Choosing Chapter 13: Finding Information, give a review. You should be choosing an area that you need work on. Tell me why you chose this area. Review what you learned on the topic (100-150 words). Give a sentence or two about how you will apply this concept to your writing in the future. (Can relate to yourself) Part two: Complete two questions regarding the slides provides. A few sentences per question should be fine. You can choose whichever questions I provided the lists and chapter slides. (Two questions per chapter) A total of four questions answered please. Two […]
August 8, 2019

Ethnic Options

Is your ethnic identity “authentic” or “symbolic?” Waters discusses the struggle between community and individualism… how does that influence your ethnic/racial identity? *This is a Discussion post on the Mary C. Waters Video Presentation below*
August 8, 2019

Construction of Race and Ethnic Identity

Discussion Question: What do you think about the changing way the U.S. government has measured race in the Census? What does that tell us about the social construction of race? How well did you do on the quiz that asked you to identify celebrities racially? *Presentation link below*
August 8, 2019

lee and Bean’s The Diversity Paradox

Presentation on Lee and Bean (PART 1) : Discussion Question: Lee and Bean argue that increasingly the U.S is shifting from a white/non-white racial divide to a black/non-black racial divide… what do you think about this argument, and do you think they are right? Why or why not? Presentation on Lee and Bean (PART 2) : Discussion Question: Lee and Bean discuss the treatment of children from interracial families… what do you think about their conclusions, and does this coincide with your own experiences? Also, they discuss the contact hypothesis vs the group threat hypothesis… which of these […]
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