September 11, 2019

US History Exam

There are three questions that need to be answered. Each question should be answered with a minimum of 250 words. work cited page. Q1. Evaluate one of the causes of the War of 1812. Q2. Analyze how the Missouri Compromise brought the U.S. closer to civil war Q3. Using your Introduction to Nation Building, apply one of the theories of developing national identity to the United States from 1776-1860. Explain how the theory is relevant to the United States and give specific examples. (look at attached doc)
September 11, 2019

Industrialization and the Rise of a Regulated Economy

Please note that ecree works best in Firefox and Chrome. Please do not use Internet Explorer or mobile devices when using ecree. This assignment again uses the ecree platform for doing and submitting the paper. Plus, all learned from the first assignment the value of having the assignment INSTRUCTIONS sheet and the assignment’s FORMAT SAMPLE paper. So, please get those items below. BEFORE SUBMISSION—AND BEFORE REALLY BEFORE STARTING ON THE DOING OF THIS PAPER, please make use of the following links (if needed, right click the link and Open in new window. Sometimes a document will flash to the top […]
September 11, 2019

Tibetan religion

You can continue to use the Encyclopedia of Religion, or you might consult the bibliography at the end of the entry you found for more scholarly resources. This bibliography may contain books, book chapters, and articles that the author recommends for further research. Over the last couple weeks you have learned a bit about the history of the religious tradition you are studying. Next you will focus on some of the more physical and material aspects of that religion. Your task this week is to find and learn about (1) a physical object and (2) a ritual related to your […]
September 11, 2019

Elegant Art of Movement

Based on your textbook, Elegant Art of Movement, 18th Century, Alicia M. Annas.pdfPreview the document , and the film Vatel briefly answer the following short answer question (One to two paragraphs at most): 1. What was the importance of “carriage” to people in 18th century Europe? 2. How did clothing and mannerisms of “polite society” of the 18th century affect the way people moved? Give specific examples. 3. What was the significance of the S curve shape as a beauty standard in the 18th century? 4. Which French king’s court was portrayed in Vatel? 4. What role did fashion and […]
September 11, 2019

Compare and contrast the reasons why the Western Roman Empire ended in ​476 and the Eastern Roman Empire su

Use twelve point type and double space. Have a cover page with the title of your review, the course number and section, your name, date submitted, your tutor’s name and the word count. Use Chicago style footnotes. Write an essay in formal academic English (800-1000 words) on ONE of these topics:
September 11, 2019

How did the environments of six Physiographic regions of Canada

Assignment Format: All assignment are to be in 12 point font with a cover page with an assignment title, your name, course code Hist 112 DE, assignment number, word count and tutor’s name (Prof. Howard Hisdal) on the bottom. Use Chicago style footnoting and include a bibliography even if the only book you used was the textbook. Send in assignments as Microsoft Word attachments.
September 11, 2019

Development of racial thinking from Europe to the Americans

Directions: 1. Listen to podcast/radio show on “The Invention of Race” at A summary of the show is “Compiled by Award-winning producer John Biewen from the “Seeing White” series. The Invention of Race traces the development of racial and racist ideas from the ancient world – when there was no notion of race – up to the founding of the United States as, fundamentally, a nation of and for white people.” 2. Create a timeline of the development of racial thinking from Europe to the Americas (up to the founding of the United States). Your timeline should include the […]
September 11, 2019

Lois Banner’s Steel Engraving Lady

Questions: 1. How did society view women in the Romantic period? 2. What were beauty ideals of the Romantic era? How did the steel engraving lady play into the concept of Romantic beauty ideals? 3. How did the popular clothing and silhouette of this period support society’s views on attaining ideal Romantic era beauty? 4. What were some of the ways women in this period tried to achieve ideal Romantic beauty? 5. Pick a picture from current fashion magazine today, attach it to your assignment book. Can you find any similarities to Romantic beauty ideals as discussed in the reading […]
September 11, 2019

Historical letter writing paper

two pages of letter style paper. Analyze the primary source documents by Samuel Seabury and Thomas Paine. Imagine that somehow the two had read each other’s works and had the chance to write to each other about independence and government. You will write two letters: one from Seabury to Paine and another from Paine to Seabury. What would have been their perspectives on government? What would they have said to each other?
September 11, 2019

Digital Source Analysis

write a short (400-500 word) dialogue between Adam Smith and Karl Marx in which they analyze the opening scenes of the movie. In the dialogue that you write, you should have each theorist draw upon their own writings to answer the following questions: 1. How would each analyze the conditions in the factory and the labor that the Little Tramp performs? 2. How would each explain the interactions between the Little Tramp and his co-workers? 3. How would each explain the “feeding machine” scene? 4. Why does the main character (the Little Tramp) have a nervous breakdown? 5. What is […]
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