August 19, 2019

Entertainment marketing

The current state of our nation in terms of speaking out against gender inequality and sexual harassment/abuse. Go online to and listen to at least one podcast from NPR in its entirety (Hint: in the past week there have been MULTIPLE podcasts on this issue from MANY different perspectives). In your own words, what is on major reason we are in this “predicament” today? *****( NEED THIS IN 5 HOURS )******
August 19, 2019


In this last assignment, you are to use web resources. Using your favorite search engine, look for information about social responsibility or ethical issues from successful companies. For example, I would Google the topic as consumer citizens or social responsibility. Several listings appear. Select one and review the website or article. Write a brief summary (no more than a paragraph) and a brief evaluation of the website and its information (about 500 words). Explain why this company is successful? Is profit the only measure of success. Be sure to include the website link in your response. You do not have […]
August 19, 2019

Sport Marketing Plan

Please create a Sport Marketing Plan using the 10 Step process outlined in Chapter 12 of your text book. Pick a sport product. It can be real or fictional. Create this marketing plan using the steps. When writing up the plan, follow the steps: Step 1. Purpose – Identify the purpose of your plan… Step 2: Product – Analyze your Product… Step 3: Projection – Project the Market Climate… Continue through the 10 steps. Keep it simple. Maybe as simple as trying to get more kids into your Little League. State your purpose in Step 1 and work towards that […]
August 19, 2019

IPhone 7 in Saudi arabia

You will be only doing the highlighted points. This assignment type is more analysis more than facts, and this assignment in International Marketing class. I will attached all the details and requirement for this paper. This assignment should appear as research and paragraph, not only answering questions. I will be providing more details after hiring.
August 19, 2019

Markets segments and decision making

The assignment should be written on Zara – clothing company only It should be written in 2500 words excluding referencing APA 6 referencing style should be used Strength and weakness of zara company to be shown in chart or table.
August 19, 2019

Conducting a situational analysis

Instruction: In 2-3 pages, conduct a full situational analysis to identify the internal and external market factors that impact the Bellevue Hospital, propose a service to market for the organization, and generate a marketing goal for this proposed service. Situational Analysis: In this section of the marketing plan, you will be conducting a needs analysis to identify and propose a service for the organization. A. Analyze the internal and external market factors impacting the healthcare organization. B. Propose a service to market for this organization. Include an explanation as to whether it is addressing an opportunity or weakness from the […]
August 19, 2019

lessons learned from Marketing Communication Model

assignment about marketing lessons that you have learned from Marketing Research Process. I attach file from book Includes all the paragraphs that I want you to write about it with some information make sure you include it in different words and add other sources . make sure you use proper MLA referencing,.
August 19, 2019

writing assignment

Price fixing by business is not generally viewed as an acceptable or desirable practice (in domestic markets). When governments enter the field of price administration, they presume to do it for the general welfare in an effort to lessen the effects of ‘destructive competition’ in a particular market.” Is this type of government activity desirable? Is government price administration beneficial? Explain.
August 19, 2019

Critically assess stakeholder theory by making reference to mergers and acquisitions

its an exam essay, i need to use theories and critically evaluate the theory. essay should be based on the theory and contents in the file attached below . full essay question is : Critically assess stakeholder theory by making reference to mergers and acquisitions (company takeovers). Please refer to theories and concepts as well as illustrative business examples.
August 19, 2019

Critically assess stakeholder theory.

its an exam essay, i need to use theories and critically evaluate the theory. essay should be based on the theory and contents in the file attached below (please see slide number28, there should be section for stakeholder thoery, please refer that in the essay). full essay topic is : Critically assess stakeholder theory by making reference to mergers and acquisitions (company takeovers). Please refer to theories and concepts as well as illustrative business examples (real life examples is essential!) and plus, use easy english please
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