August 19, 2019

Brand Performance

Provide 1,5 page in APA style with citation and references. Critical thinking is needed. Also I need questionaries. See below. For several years, Apple has been locked into an exclusive contract with AT&T for its iPhone distribution. Now that the iPhone is available from Verizon as well, would one expect its sales to increase significantly? Will it be enough to slow Google’s Android growth? Select one of the following products/brands: Apple (iPhone only) Develop a short questionnaire (five or fewer questions) to collect information about consumer perceptions.
August 19, 2019

Brand Maintenance

Please provide 1,5 page in APA style with references and citations. Critical thinks is needed. Use the links. Hershey bars have been a staple of the American chocolate diet since the late 1800s, when the company was founded as a subsidiary of the Lancaster Caramel Company. Over the years it has focused on one thing – the consumer sweet tooth. Visit the Hershey website and examine the range of different products the company now offers. Focus in on the Hershey Kisses product. What has Hershey done to keep that little piece of chocolate a favorite over the years? A little […]
August 19, 2019


Please provide a blog post in APA style, references and citations are needed. No plagiarism. Critical thinking is needed. It is a blog post, not a paper Identify some best practices for blogging/tweeting. Does your industry (Coca Cola) employ some of these best practices? Include references and analysis of various resources in this course, including the textbooks (via quotes and hyperlinks).
August 19, 2019


In your own words, detail the global position of your selected brand. Where does the brand originate? In what countries is the brand marketed? Are there differences in how the brand is marketed around the world? What about the brand appeals to you as a consumer? Are the elements that appeal to you applicable globally? If so, why? If not, what would be necessary to change? My brand is Starbucks
August 19, 2019

Branding in a Global Market

Select a brand that you regularly purchase or use – this can be any brand relevant to you as a consumer. In your own words, detail the global position of your selected brand. Where does the brand originate? In what countries is the brand marketed? Are there differences in how the brand is marketed around the world? What about the brand appeals to you as a consumer? Are the elements that appeal to you applicable globally? If so, why? If not, what would be necessary to change?
August 19, 2019

Unit I Homework Assignment

research a company of your choice to compile a SWOT analysis. Create a visual chart using Exhibit 1.1 on page 6 as a format guideline for submission. The SWOT analysis needs to include all four elements including the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A minimum of five selected internal factors (finance and management must be two of the five) and five selected external factors as demonstrated in Exhibit 1.1. Evaluate the chart to determine current and future overall strategies based upon the organization’s business, mission, and goals. Your paper submission should be a minimum of two pages in length.
August 19, 2019

Field Experience Interview

You must interview with a person who works for Walt Disney company and ask t questions on how they market, their ‘product,’ industry issues, etc.. For more information, you must check the attached file. There are the questions you have to interview.
August 19, 2019

Consumer Analysis Audit

Format Your audit will be approximately 7-10 pages in length. In addition, you must include a cover page and a reference page. You may follow the suggested audit process and add any other relevant consumer behavior concepts you think will enhance or support your audit findings. For example, you may incorporate one or more of the concepts from the weekly Threaded Discussions: heuristics, means-end chains, new consumer trends, vicarious learning, etc. To improve readability, include headings and sub-headings to divide your audit into sections. You must support your findings, recommendations and conclusions with information from a variety of resources, such […]
August 19, 2019

Company Analysis

You must follow the Grading Rubric and the content what you have to do company analysis. -And your chosen company is SAMSUNG. -I will give you the two more samples of this assignment for you to understand the involved nature of this analysis.
August 19, 2019

POWTOON Digital video

It is NOT an essay. Acting as a consultant for your chosen brand, you are required to produce a digital video. The video should clearly outline a proposed plan of action on how the brand could successfully enter and evolve in the host country. The digital video must be created using POWTOON/Powerpoint and to be 5 min long. The video must have a recorded voiceover. There also needs to be a script.
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