August 19, 2019

Draft of research proposal

Title:Marketing international strategy The context is economic with a focus on the East Asian territory of Taiwan. The rationale will focus on the market strategies of local and foreign companies in Taiwan. The market strategies and laws for domestic and foreign companies will be the primary focus of the paper. An analysis of market strategies related to the local and foreign companies in Taiwan will be highlighted in this paper.
August 19, 2019

Personal Marketing Plan

I am needing to create a Personal Marketing Plan out of an outline I have already created. It will need to look like a traditional business marketing plan. (This is not a term paper!!!!!) It would be best if you looked up an example of a marketing plan and based it off that with my personal answers. I will send my answers to whomever i hire. I would prefer not to put my personal information on this proposal. I have attached a blank outline – just to show a little more detail. This is the posting my professor posted about […]
August 19, 2019

Introducing Vegan Option to the Yum! Brand

Please note: This is impossible, I’m seeing everyone’s instant messages but it is not letting me respond to them. Please make offer. When I click our your messages it goes no where and only show 13 offers from writers. I want to chat with people, but it won’t let me. =( Marketing plan due Dec 12th but with various parts due earlier, see instructions. Part A – already turned in Internal Environment: What is my company’s mission, objectives, and growth strategies? What is the corporate culture and how does it influence marketing activities? What has my company done in the […]
August 19, 2019

Creating an Effective Marketing Mix

Company: PRADA One of the key areas examined in a marketing audit is how well the organisation makes use of its marketing mix for a product or brand. Typically, a marketing mix is composed of a group of attributes known in the field of marketing and brand management as the four P’s. Traditionally, these Ps are: product, place, price and promotion. These P’s were chosen to reflect the most critical aspects of any marketing strategy, specifically the following: Is this the right product for the targeted consumers? (product) Is it being sold or marketed through the right channels? (place) Is […]
August 19, 2019

Brand Communications

Brands sometimes create some interesting twists in their marketing. See if you can identify the following automobile brands. Which brand currently uses the “arm punch” device? Which brand continues to use the words “zoom zoom”? Which brand used the odd term “Farfegnugen”? Which brand spends a million dollars a day on research to keep drivers safe? Which upscale brand is often represented by a logo that does not incorporate its name? Most of you will have little trouble identifying these brands, having seen advertising and promotional signage for them, or perhaps just “knowing” that fact about the car brand. Select […]
August 19, 2019

Brand Building

Please provide a paper, APA style, citation and references in APA style, 2-3 sources needed. Many of you have items (pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, product samples) that bear the logos of branded products you do not use. At a concert you may have received a free sample of a soft drink or a snack food. Perhaps on your last airline flight, the flight attendent announced that on that day a certain brand of coffee would be served. Discuss with your classmates some of the ways you have interacted with brands, both those you use and those you do not use […]
August 19, 2019

Blog post

Please provide a blog in APA style, 2 pages, citation and references needed. It is not a paper. It is a blog. Thus, I need more critical thinking and own opinions. Make a trip to a chain grocery, drug, or general merchandise store. After selecting a product category (e.g., cereal, pain relievers, storage containers), find that section in the store and review the products offered. How are they alike and different? What efforts can you identify that appear to be manufacturer-generated? How about retailer-generated? For those that are retailer-generated, what role do you think the manufacturer played in the retailer’s […]
August 19, 2019

Online Blog

Please provide blog in APA style with citation and references. The length of your blog posts should be approximately 400–800 words. That means no less than 400 words and no more than 800 words per posting. Choose two or more tools used in social media. Compare and discuss these tools in a blog post
August 19, 2019

Social Media Application

Please provide 2 pages in APA style, citation & references needed. It is blog post. Discuss the current state of social media within your industry. What tools does your industry use or should use to improve their standings in the social media environment?
August 19, 2019


Write a memo to the author which discusses how one issue (no more!) in the article relates to that topic. The memo will be about 3 paragraphs long. In the first half, describe the issue from class to the author, perhaps as we discussed it, or as the assigned materials described it. There needs to be enough detail such that the author, who has not taken this course or read our textbook, can understand the topic well. Then use the remaining paragraphs to explain how the article relates to the issue. If the author agrees, explain the specific points. If […]
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