August 20, 2019

The Charge of the Light Brigade

PROMPT: Alfred Tennyson’s poem, “Charge of the Light Brigade,& quote is a poem about what has been called & quote either the most heroic or disastrous episodes in British military history.” It focuses on an event in the Crimean War (1853-1856), but might be applied to wartime even today. Select the TWO following prompts and explain your position with support from the poem itself. 1. Defend this position: This poem glorifies war. 2. Defend this position: This poem does not glorify war. Background:
August 20, 2019

Shakespeare Much A Do About Nothing

PROMPT: Much Ado About Nothing Acts 1-3 Choose TWO questions from each act and write a paragraph in response (three paragraphs total). Before you select the question, make sure there are no questions left unanswered—you should respond to unanswered questions first. This is a good reason to post early—you will have more choices available. Act One What is the backdrop for the arrival of Don Pedro and his men? Why is this significant to the plot of the play? What is the substance of Don Pedro’s private conversation with the lovesick Claudio? Why is Don Pedro in such a hurry, […]
August 20, 2019

Passage analysis

It is a really specific topic. I have a posted a photo in the attached file which is two pages. All you have to relate is that two pages with the whole Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. You have to follow the discipline like how that pages relate to nature vs nurture aspect or Scientific or Natural things. I need that to be deliver in less than 24 hours.
August 20, 2019

Annotated Bibliography

Entries should appear in alphabetical order by to author (or by article title in the less-common case when there is not author listed). Write a paragraph on each source. ~The sample entries provided in the links below are solid as models, Include a minimum of six sources. Some, though not all, must be peer-reviewed.
August 20, 2019

english assignment

This assignment has two parts. THE FIRST PART I WILL NEED IN 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES First part: In a minimum of 4-5 paragraphs in length. You will be writing a literary analysis on a specific poem. Look for literary elements within the poem and discuss how the author uses those elements (a good basic way to approach analysis when you are learning is to see what literary elements the author uses and how those elements can support the work’s theme; for example, how does the use of symbolism and imagery support the poem’s theme?). So remember to have […]
August 20, 2019

Spanish Language in the United States

Research paper with an Abstract and Annotated Bibliography. EVERYTHING APA STYLE. ABSTRACT: Minimum 5 sentences ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: needs a minimum 5-7 ACADEMIC ARTICLES/SOURCES, NO NEWS ARTICLE UNLESS FROM New York Times, needs to be 10 sentences summarizing each source and 10 sentences explaining how you’re going to use the source in the research paper. Example: 1 Source= 20 sentences RESEARCH PAPER: Minimum 10pages **NOT INCLUDING COVER PAGE AND REFERENCES APA STYLE** Attached is the topic summary and thesis outline that i’ve already done. Please feel free to ask any questions!
August 20, 2019

Discussion Board

Ebola, a hemorrhagic virus that broke out in the mid 1970’s in central Africa, had a much more serious outbreak in 2014 in West Africa and there is a current outbreak now (November-December 2018)) in the Congo. Some West African nations closed their borders to individuals coming out of the stricken nations such as Sierra Leone. Should the United States do the same in any new serious Ebola outbreak from that part of the world? Do you agree or disagree and why?
August 20, 2019

The Silence of the Lambs Rough

This is a working draft analysis essay. I will be uploading my annotated bibliography for the sources needed to write this essay. I will also upload a sample analysis essay as well as a rubric of the assignment Note** This is just a working draft, i will be hiring the same writer for the final draft
August 20, 2019


Create a simple 4 x 4 table with correct column heads, row titles, and one footnote; Make an informed, quantitatively-based recommendation on a consumer product; and Present their recommendation in IEEE format. Choose a consumer product. Find four similar and similarly-priced brands and write down their specific model numbers. Select four quantitative grounds for comparison (e.g. specific outputs, specific features). Create an IEEE table of your comparison. Document your sources using IEEE. Write an abstract, select 5 keywords, and write a paragraph of recommendation Ensure the recommendation is evident in the title, the abstract, and the recommendation. Present your work […]
August 20, 2019

Demonstrate scientific consensus

Create a new, one-page Position Paper. CAN YOU HAVE IT DONE BY 8AM MONDAY ? Create a document in IEEE format; Write dispassionately about a controversial topic; Demonstrate scientific consensus on an issue; Determine which side in a contentious issue has greater scientific merit; and Write position paper targeted to an educated but non-scientific audience. Select 5 keywords. Create a title that “gives away” the position. Write a descriptive 75-100 word abstract that “gives away” the position. Write an introduction, the positive side, the negative side, and a position. Create an IEEE reference list. Ensure that your work is free […]
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