August 20, 2019

Write a Critical Review of an Article

Assignment: Write a Critical Review of an Article (1-2 pages) For this assignment, you will choose an article pertinent to your research topic and write a review of it. You will not be re-writing it; rather, you will “de-construct” the article for the reader, analyzing the claims that the author is making and how well he supports those claims. You will also explain how this article fits into your research strategy to answer your research question. Does it provide some insights but still leave you wondering?
August 20, 2019

Reflection paper

a one-page reflection report and attach the completed “Board Game Project – reaching my goal” This is a self-reflection of your learning by doing. Reflect on what you learned, how you learned See this link on reflection report, If you need more info on what a reflection report is.
August 20, 2019

Mathematics and Literacy Integrated Unit

In planning and instructing math content, it is important to be able to create a cohesive unit that encompasses multiple areas in math, as well as other content areas, including literacy. Part 1: Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will choose one of the three lesson plans you created in this course to build a weeklong unit plan. Use the “Math Unit Plan” to prepare your weeklong math unit plan. Utilize any feedback from your instructor modify and adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students. For the unit plan, include the following components: lesson title, math standards, learning […]
August 20, 2019

Expansion of Hillsboro County Home Health Care

Using techniques, information, and concepts learned and discussed in class, each student is expected to conduct a fictitious needs assessment around developing a new health care service in Middleboro or Hillsboro County using information from the casebook (Expansion of Hillsboro County Home Health Care (case study # 2) The paper should be 15–20 pages long (including charts, graphs, exhibits, and Porter’s Five) and should include: · Organizational structure, including the governing board. · Mission, vision, and value statements for the organization · Type of service(s) created/your objective · Environmental assessment · Service area analysis · Describe the threat to entry […]
August 20, 2019

An Adventure in Paris – Guy de Maupassant

CRITICAL WRITING: Find out who is the author and what’s his argument in this story. What interpretations can be made of the story. Pay attention to ‘the woman’. What points is the writer is making. Would you have done the same the woman did. Is the woman a bad person, gullible, is it make believe. CRITICAL WRITING
August 20, 2019

World’s fastest animal

Watch the video in the link below and do two summaries Summary #1 must be 400-500 words Summary #2 must be 40-50 words The smaller of the two summaries(summary #2) cannot contain sentences or portions thereof, summary #1 further instructions are attached
August 20, 2019

Woodrow Wilson Twitter Tweets

This is a short assignment that does not require an essay but many short paragraphs. The instructions are attached but the person making the tweets must be Woodrow Willson and must contain themes from the books “Freedom Struggles” or “Homeward Bound”. There is 3 parts. 1 is the paragraphs explaining the points. 2 is the tweets, and 3 is the citations. There is an attached sample creative project. Most importantly this is due on December 14 by 8 pm!!! studybay didnt let me select an earlier due date.
August 20, 2019

Application Activity: Aggression

Watch any ½ hour television program meant for young children. Make a note of the television rating given to the program [where will they see this?]. As you watch, keep a tally of 1) aggressive acts by any character (including both physical and relational aggression) and 2) prosocial acts, and the results of each. Share your findings, including the following: In your view, does the content of the show match the rating given? What was the proportion of aggressive to prosocial acts? How do you think viewing the aggression in this show affects children?
August 20, 2019

Middle Childhood – Early Adulthood Questions and Examples

Answer questions entirely and provide 1 real life example for each question. 1. How influential are peers during middle childhood? (6-11 years old) 2. How does technology affect children’s development during middle childhood? (6-11 years old) 3. What are some challenges to physical development during adolescence? (10-19 years old) 4. What is the nature of peer relations during adolescence? (10-19 years old) 5. What is physical development like during early adulthood? (20-40 years old)
August 20, 2019

Literary analysis of the novel

This is the book I chose (To Kill a Mockingbird ) It is now time to write the literary analysis of the novel that you have read. Hopefully you have kept notes while reading to make it easier to complete this assignment. Please note that this is not a book review. Your own opinion of the story is not relevant to the assignment itself and you should not retell the whole story – only describe the parts that are relevant to your analysis. Do not forget to add information about the publisher, year of publication and number of pages. If […]
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