August 20, 2019

Immanuel Kant, “What Is Enlightenment?”

Final Essay Write and turn in a polished essay based on what you’ve done so far. Here are the important guidelines: The essay should be at least 8 pages long (not counting the Works-Cited section) or about 3000 words. Use MLA style throughout in Times New Roman 12. Make sure you have a thesis near the end of your introduction. Stick with third-person throughout your text (no I, you, we, us, etc.). Include a heading and headers. Double-space everything. Quote and cite from each source at least once within your text. Sources include the literature we’ve read (each item is […]
August 20, 2019

Test Make Point “Redeemer”

To make up points lost on the last test, and to show me that you have an ongoing understanding of the materials we are studying. I would like you to respond to one of the two following prompts: 1) What are the significant contributions to rock that came from early heavy metal in England and the United States? **Use at least two specific examples (bands or artists) from each country and describe what they did and how it affected the industry. OR 2) Explain how glam, art, and shock rock have influenced current music and give examples of each (the […]
August 20, 2019

How to Spot Fake News

Read and watch the following: and If you had to help someone spot “fake news,” what would you tell them? Choose a news article from a reputable media outlet and compare it to an online story that you know is fake. Using the checklist provided on the factcheck web site, compare the two. Although fake news is not new, it seems harder to distinguish and more accepted now. Why? How will this acceptance of fake news impact our democracy?
August 20, 2019

Analyze the film’s use of archetypes

Watch one (or more) of the fairy tales found at (I will give the link later – just 5 – 10 minutes) focusing particularly on character types. Analyze the film’s use of archetypes. To what extent does it replicate, reinvent, or otherwise complicate archetypal characters? Just one paragraph.
August 20, 2019

sandwich method

Use what you have learned about claims and evidence and the “sandwich method” to complete this assignment. Using all the resources of this module, write a strong, detailed claim about the needs of a particular group of college students. Then, using Google Scholar find and cite (MLA or APA) one source that supports your claim in a significant way. Write one or two body paragraphs for the claim, using at least two pieces of evidence from your source. As you write, use the “sandwich method” to: introduce and give context to the evidence, paraphrase or quote the evidence, relate the […]
August 20, 2019

Social Media’s Influence on Young Adults

Assignment: Identifying the Variables and Writing a Hypothesis (1 page max) After reading the week’s Lesson materials, you will develop a working hypothesis, building on the research topic you have chosen. Remember that once you have identified a research question, you will propose some plausible explanation (answer to the question), which may turn out to be true or not. The point of this exercise is to identify some independent variables that lead to a dependent variable, which lead you to put a hypothesis into words. The purpose for identifying a working hypothesis is to develop an assumption based on your […]
August 20, 2019

Effective Questioning Strategies

In order to engage students in mathematics instruction, teachers use a variety of questioning strategies. It is crucial to have a variety of questioning strategies along with solutions to potential roadblocks that can occur during instruction. Part 1: Questioning Strategies Template For this assignment, select a K-8 grade level and a state standard in the area of algebra, and develop aligned learning objectives. Examine a variety of questioning strategies that foster innovation and problem solving in order to complete the “Math Questioning Strategies” template. The questions you create should connect concepts, procedures, and applications from algebra, activating prior knowledge for […]
August 20, 2019

Differentiated Activities

Differentiation is one of the most important considerations when preparing a lesson plan for all students. Differentiation guides the teacher in making the instructional modifications required to meet the diverse needs of all students, plan for varying levels of development, and create opportunities for various approaches to learning and performance. This lesson will be focused in the content area of geometry. Part 1: Differentiation Lesson Plan For this assignment, select a K-8 grade level and state standard in the area of geometry and use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” to design an original lesson plan. Be sure to examine instructional […]
August 20, 2019

Survey and Performance of Dynamic Programming White paper

I want it to be in the middle language and simple for reader to understand because I’m international student – Survey and Performance of Dynamic Programming White paper Objective: The aim of this first homework is to: 1- be able to implement different problems use the Dynamic programming 2- be able to measure and compare the complexity between recursion and DP 3- start to be used to write papers Description: After implementing the set of problems given below using both DP and recursion you are requested to add in each a mean of calculating the number of operations made in […]
August 20, 2019

A Literature Review in Sensor connectivity in internet of things

maximum 7 paper , with work cite. i need powerpoint slide with the paper becuse im going to present . I am a bacher student how international and research is for a networking course. I want it to be in the middle language and the search is comprehensive and not in depth and be a simple reader understands
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