August 20, 2019

What Makes a Hero? Graphic Organizer, Chart, and Notecards

Do research using 4 online articles of your choice to answer the question “What makes a Hero?”. Fill out the provided graphic organizer, web quest chart, and notecards over the articles. (Chart, organizer, and notecard will be provided in private messages as PDFs when the assignment has been accepted.) 1. Use the graphic organizer. Focus on the type of informational text represented, e.g., news article, interview, travel article, editorial, biography, etc. List some characteristics or features of the text, such as quotes, interviews, descriptions of places or objects, statistics, images, personal experiences, etc. Identify the main idea of the text […]
August 20, 2019

Policing & Race

Researched Argument: choose a side in an ongoing debate or propose and alternative position not articulated by the major players in the controversy. Because this is an argumentative essay you must develop an original thesis that clearly identifies your central claim and scope 7 sources are needed
August 20, 2019

Body Parapgraph

Week Three Discussion 2 Body Paragraph Please read “Developing Paragraphs” on pages 254 to 265. This section defines many key concepts that help create structure and content in body paragraphs. They are Concepts that Create Unity: Topic Sentences Repetition of Key Words Transitions Critical Strategies to Develop Paragraphs Examples and illustrations Data Analyze texts Tell narratives or anecdotes. Define Terms Make Comparisons Examine causes and evaluate consequences Write one body paragraph for your paper and try to use all three concepts of unity and at least two strategies for developing paragraphs. Post one body paragraph and respond to two of […]
August 20, 2019

Quantitative and qualitative article critique

. Fill in each box (on grid below) with brief statements in response to critique questions. (The boxes will expand to fit what you type in). No need for complete sentence-forms or in-box citations, because the entire paper is related to the same qualitative or quantitative article. 5. Please provide brief rationale for your answers where applicable, for example, you would provide a brief statement explaining your rationale for choosing xxxx as the dependent variable and zzzz as the independent variable, and so on.
August 20, 2019

English Language

Create a job and company you would love to work for, and then write your cover letter! If you are actually looking for a job right now, write a cover letter you can actually use. You will be graded not only on convincing me that you are the perfect person for the job, but also for using the proper, basic format. Submission Your response must be a minimum of 75 words (Remember, cover letters are direct). Please put your response directly into your discussion reply so that fellow students can easily read it without needing to open an attachment. Grading […]
August 20, 2019

“A Devoted Son

Respond in 3-5 complete sentences. In the story, “A Devoted Son” by Anita Desai, Rakesh, the son, touches his father Varma’s feet. What is the significance of this, and how does it change as the story progresses? 2. Respond in 3-5 complete sentences. How does the act of killing the elephant in George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant” reflect George Orwell’s attitude toward British Imperialism? 3. Respond in 3-5 paragraph essay. Your response must completely address the prompt. Early in the twentieth century, British citizens were thrust into a tragic world war. This war, however, served as an inspiration of […]
August 20, 2019

Discussion: Module 3

In the Discussion Area, address the following: Your forecasting thesis statement Your first topic sentence that connects to the first supporting point that’s forecasted in your thesis statement Your second topic sentence that connects to the second supporting point that’s forecasted in your thesis statement Your third topic sentence that connects to the third supporting point that’s forecasted in your thesis statement Peer Response Posts Choose two of your peers’ initial posts. Address the following in reply to each initial post: In 2-3 sentences, address your peer’s thesis statement: Does it clearly show a central point being made about the […]
August 20, 2019

Scratch Outline

The following Activity builds off of the information you’ve learned about thesis statements and scratch outlining. It is designed to help guide you through the creation of a scratch outline for your paper. Use the textboxes below to write the different parts of your scratch outline, the basic scaffolding for your paper. You must answer all of the questions on this page in order to receive credit for this Activity. Clicking “Submit” will commit your answer. When you are finished, you will be able to collate what you’ve written in each textbox into a downloadable document by clicking on the […]
August 20, 2019

Technical object description

This assignment asks that you select a technical object and write a description of its looks, features, and functions. In completing this assignment, you will learn how to define and describe a technical object to someone who has little knowledge with it. You will choose your own topic (with exception of the not allowed technical objects listed in the previous section) for this assignment. The subject of your description must be a technical object (e.g., clock radio, stapler, tongs, scissors, blender, food processor, etc). Because you must accurately describe an object in at least 500 words, do not pick something […]
August 20, 2019

Job Application

For this assignment, you will create two documents: A Job Application Letter A Résumé Post a draft of the Job Packet Review a draft that has not already been reviewed or only has one review and post your final draft. For this discussion, you will review a sample SafeAssign report that the coaches/instructors see with each assignment submission. Your task is to weigh whether or not Timothy Sunny engaged in an academic integrity violation based on the criteria of the UTA Honor Code and the assignment criteria. After you’ve posted your primary post, you will need to follow up with […]
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