August 20, 2019

Class discussion hw

the assignment is there are 5 module class discussion you have to answer the question and read and watch the videos you must have to answer the question in 3-5 paragraphs Please watch: module 1 Watch Video BBC Ancient Greece The Greatest Show on Earth – Democrats – 1/3 User: n/a – Added: 9/17/13 In this video, Michael Scott (the narrator) believes that Ancient Greek Theatre influences every aspect of our lives. He says that theatre is a “reaction to real events” and “to understand ourselves, is to understand Greek theatre.” Please answer the following questions: What examples or reasons […]
August 20, 2019

Brownmiller response/sumary

For this assignment, I would like you to write a one-page summary/response to the argumentative essay, “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet.” Basically, I am looking for two main areas of thought: 1) What did you think Brownmiller is trying to say? Do you find her argument convincing or not convincing? What specific example/s is the most/least effective to you and why? 2) What do you think of her argument overall? Do you agree or disagree with her stance? ***Since you have now also read the Lawrence and Bok essays, feel free to make comparisons if you wish. Please […]
August 20, 2019

Writing Process

Blog: One Post Required For your final blog post, consider whether your writing process has changed in the past month. Write a short reflection on your writing process as it is today. What areas have you strengthened? What areas still need improvement? Consider the different strategies (description, process, narration) you learned in this class. How might they be useful in your future career as accountant? Finally, in this class you have watched videos, read essays, discussed writing process and written blogs, essays and discussion posts. What did you find most useful in the different activities you engaged in? What advice […]
August 20, 2019

Crawfish De Louisiana

Narrative top left of 1st page write Amy August Christopher Manuel English 1010 4 May 2018 on each page after that in the top right corner type August 1 for the page number and so forth need 3 page narrative MLA format double spacing times new roman front size 12 point margins 1″
August 20, 2019

Counter Argument,

Hello I need Help with this assignment in this assignment,one of the videos must be watched ( I chose the second video about oil sand industry). then, notes should be taken in two columns as described in the Instructions. and then, a brief formal response letter should be written to one of the argument sides. there are more details in the assignment instructions file uploaded. Thanks
August 20, 2019

Speech Analysis

Hello The course content only provides some materials and examples for analyzing the speeches. Please watch the videos included in the file named Assignment Instructions and provide speech analysis. I need half a page for each video analysis making it one and half pages. Thanks
August 20, 2019

Annotated Bibliography

Read They say I say Chapters 5-6 • View videos for lecture • Post response to Discussion Activity( at least 200 words) Locating sources by Friday and respond to at least two peer postings (at least 100 words) • Post response to Discussion Activity They say/ I say by Friday (at least 200 words) and respond to at least two peer postings (at least 100 words) • Submit Annotated Bibliography (6 pages)
August 20, 2019


I need someone to re-write the attached paper and turn it into a RHETORICAL ANALYSIS PAPER. What you will do is : 1- Read the attached article. 2- re-write the attached paper (Essay) and consider my instructor’s COMMENTS and consider the attached RUBRIC, and you will discuss the RHETORICAL STRATEGIES AND RHETORICAL SITUATION of the article you read. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to write about the RHETORICAL SITUATION AND STRATEGIES and consider my instructor’s comments and follow the guidelines. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS NOT A SUMMARY.
August 20, 2019

Second Labguage Acquisition

How has your theory of SLA been refined or change as a result of having read this week’s articles?​ Explain your gains and use citations as needed.​ (500 words)​ ​ This is my SLA Theory: Affective Filter Hypothesis. Low level of anxiety and defensiveness.
August 20, 2019

Researched Memo

To begin the educational media project, you need to first do your research. First, choose a topic that is related to your non-profit(anything that has to do with chemical research). The topic should be somewhat technical and should be be deep enough to challenge a college-educated audience of non-experts. For example, if your organization is the Red Cross, you might want to research how the blood donation system works–how is blood stored, typed, and matched. You would not want to research what the Red Cross does generally because that topic is not so challenging or technical. Note that “technical” does […]
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