August 20, 2019

anwer questions on file reading.2-do the 5 paragraph research paper on the living links file

Read the articles below and and answer multiple choice questions If Nature Had Rights -Cullinan, Cormac, The Net Is a Waste of Time- Gibson, William, What’s Wrong With Animal Rights – Hearne, Vicki, Can Patriotism Be Compassionate? – Nussbaum, Martha,
August 20, 2019

Writing evalation plan

1. Prepare a plan for the training manual document following the instructions on the plan for word limits. 2. Field-specific vocabulary (3 words or terms) from audio text research must be used in the training manual document. These 3 terms or words must be underlined or highlighted in the text that you write. 3-Complete the audio research template chart. Write key words or short sentences for the steps of the process in your template chart.
August 20, 2019

Homeless Veterans

Multimedia Project Proposal [Guidelines] In the context of an English class, we become familiar to the traditional, MLA formatted essay genre, but it’s clear that this isn’t the way that we typically communicate our ideas to others. Instead, we tend to rely on a mix of media, including social media, visual, audio, film, and textual forms. For this final assignment, you’ll be “remediating” a prior essay written for this course – specifically the Personal Reflection or Exploratory Essay – and transforming it from a strictly textual genre to a multimedia one. This short proposal will ask you to think about […]
August 20, 2019

Logical Fallacy Journal

Logical fallacy journal (min: two paragraphs per entry): we will be studying at least 24 different logical fallacies (these are some of the most common we see in “fake news” and in the media in general), and you will hunt for these “in the wild”, so to speak, searching for these among news stories (real and fake) and political speeches. When you find them, you will journalize them explaining which fallacy it is, why you believe it is that fallacy, and where you found it. (As a visual metaphor, think of a butterfly collection where you pin the butterfly down, […]
August 20, 2019

Discovery & Planning

Imagine that you are an accountant, and you have 2 children. Respond to the two questions below in present tense: Your entire blog entry should be no less than three hundred words. Blog Questions 1. Describe your planning process. How do you personally prepare for a writing assignment? Which points of the star do you consider when planning a writing assignment? 2. Choose one of the activities (pages 17 -27): brainstorming, listing, freewriting, questioning, or sketching to see how many ideas you can come up with in 5-10 minutes that relate to your topic. Post your discovery activity in your […]
August 20, 2019

Back to Morality

I want someone to write for me a response in approx. 500 words In the movie Scent of a Woman : In the final speech of Scent of a Woman (which we’ll discuss at length in class), Lt.Col. Slade (Pacino) says, among other things, that Charlie has “integrity” and “courage,” and that he is “on the right path […] a path made of principles– that leads to character.” What do you think about this statement? In regards to the essay you recently wrote about right/wrong, good/bad, moral/immoral, how does this statement stack up? If Slade was writing your essay, which […]
August 20, 2019

Literacy Profile

The assignment is a literacy profile. -I have interviewed a nursing student, and I need someone to merge that interview into a literacy profile. – Please, IT IS IMPORTANT to follow the guidelines and the outline. -You might change a bit in the outline if you have better ideas but it is necessary to stick to the guidelines. – I also attached a sample literacy profile. – USE APA STYLE. – Use ONLY online source.
August 20, 2019

Response Journal

Reading response journals should be written in MLA format. Your response should be a minimum of 500 words (about two pages). Your response should first focus on answering the prompt; after you have responded to the prompt you are free to expand your response to include additional thoughts about the selected piece (or the author or how the author’s work relates to other course readings). Your responses should be submitted as an attachment. Prompt: Look at Woolf’s closing reflection at the end of Chapter One of A Room of One’s Own (the final paragraph of the chapter in your textbook). […]
August 20, 2019

Everything is an arguement

Read the lecture on Everything is an argument and then write a 1 page respond to the activity below: First, define argument and then provide an example of an argument. Look for your argument in a variety of contexts: newspapers, academic journals, political cartoons, magazines, the Internet, television, film, music, artwork, photography, etc. Briefly explain to your peers how your chosen argument fulfills the definition of argument as outlined in your textbook and this week’s lecture on argument. Don’t forget to include a link (if applicable) to your argument so your peers can view it.
August 20, 2019

Infographic reflection

Here are the questions you will answer using reflection, analysis, and evidence from your own paper and infographic: Who was the audience you had in mind for your original written paper? Why? (5 points) What was the purpose of that paper. That is, what did you want the reader to gain, do, think, or understand by reading that paper? (5 points) Who is the new audience and what is the new purpose for your infographic? (15 points) What makes this medium (the infographic) more successful than your original written text? That is, what makes it more valuable, useful, and/or persuasive […]
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