August 20, 2019

what is in a name

what is in a name ?” simply as that all u have to do is like at Language awareness book i want the paper to be too much simple with with simple word not too much perfect and not too much prof * I’ll upload paper with structure to be more clear. i want it as simple as you can plz *2+ complete pages with cover and reference page * i need outline as well
August 20, 2019

Sentence focus assignment

Sentence Focus and Variety Explanation: Academic writing does not mean flowery, long, unclear sentences. Academic writing calls for critical thoughts put simply and ideas written so your intended audience can easily understand. Rule of thumb: Ask yourself who (or what) is doing what? Here are Some Examples: Weak: The exam was taken by the students. (Did the exam do something?) Subject Verb Better: The students took the exam. Subject Verb Weak: The material was reviewed by the class to prepare for the exam. Subject Verb Better: The class reviewed the material to prepare for the exam. Subject Verb Passive: The […]
August 20, 2019

American Beauty

I need someone to write a response Answering the following question in MLA format, typed, approx. 500 words: The movie illustrates several major themes in its portrayal of the “normal” American family. What is the film’s/ main character’s obsession with beauty? Where does it stem from? What do you make of the title of the film, and how does it relate to this obsession? Would you categorize the main character as ethical? Why/ why not?
August 20, 2019

Is the internet getting out the best of us

It is a research project. My opinion side is WITH. I need 2 main documents: The first document: 1- collect 10 case studies about my side of the topic from this website ( ). 2- Summarize each study getting out these 3 pieces of information (the purpose of the study, findings of the study, recommendations of the study). each summary of a study needs to be one full page. Then put them all in one document, separated clearly. ——————————————————————– Second document: Summarize only the findings of all 10 studies in one research paper. 1000 words minimum. Using Annotated Bibliography […]
August 20, 2019

Two Separate Paragraphs For Research Proposal

Compose a wikipedia page about the topic based on 5 peer reviewed sources attached ( you can replaced them with better sources) . You will need different sections: Introduction, History, Genres, Conclusion. The wiki page must include: 1) an introduction (8-10 sentences) 2) subgenres 3) for each subgenre, provide a relevant summary from 5 peer reviewed sources 4) 3-5 images 5) Works Cited: cite your sources according to MLA note: 1)History (beginning/ middle/ end) 2)specific perspectives/ sub(genres)
August 20, 2019

Speaking evaluation

Document for a Training Manual: Describing a process in logistic You will write a text describing a process from your field of study. In the text, you will use ideas and 3 vocabulary words from your Audio Text Research. You will use words or phrases to link the parts of your text. Objective: • write and revise an appropriate field-related text that is approximately 250 words long using academic/professional field-related vocabulary in an understandable way. • text must be written in a style that is appropriate to the student’s field, using proper use of the grammatical code, and incorporating details […]
August 20, 2019

Correction From the Last assignment

You did well in this paper. You read a lot and synthesized it nicely. I made comments. The main issue is to incorporate the sources better. Every name you mention in your paper must be in the Works Cited list, and everything in the list must be mentioned in the paper. Always use the full name of the author the first time you mention it in your paper. After that, use the last name. Finally, make sure the bibliography is correct. It must be called “Works Cited” and the information must be consistent with the MLA rules. I gave you […]
August 20, 2019

Formal Paper

Important: Your Formal Papers must be submitted as either a Word Document (.doc or docs) file or Rich Text Format (.rtf ) file. paper must be an argumentative paper derived from paper 2. This paper should follow either the Classical or Rogerian structure and must contain credible evidence such as opinions of authority, facts, statistics, legislation, etc. For example: If you reported on advertising to children in the second paper, argue that advertising to children should be banned from all daytime network television. You are expected to re-use and restructure the information you presented in the previous paper. It is […]
August 20, 2019

anwer questions on file reading.2-do the 5 paragraph research paper on the living links file

Read the articles below and and answer multiple choice questions If Nature Had Rights -Cullinan, Cormac, The Net Is a Waste of Time- Gibson, William, What’s Wrong With Animal Rights – Hearne, Vicki, Can Patriotism Be Compassionate? – Nussbaum, Martha,
August 20, 2019

Writing evalation plan

1. Prepare a plan for the training manual document following the instructions on the plan for word limits. 2. Field-specific vocabulary (3 words or terms) from audio text research must be used in the training manual document. These 3 terms or words must be underlined or highlighted in the text that you write. 3-Complete the audio research template chart. Write key words or short sentences for the steps of the process in your template chart.
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