August 20, 2019

Research Log

I need to write a complex research paper for my final. I have not decided my topic yet but i want my topic is about sneakers. In this assignment, what you need to do is to show your work of the research you did about the topic of sneaker. If you have any idea to write a complex research paper about sneaker, i may assign you to do my final essay in the following week
August 20, 2019

technical description

For this assignment, you’ll create a technical description of some invention, process, or engineering marvel related to your major. Some expectations: 1. Your technical description fits on one two-sided 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper. On submission day, 11/28, you’ll bring one copy for your instructor. On presentation day (which may or may not be the same as submission day), you’ll bring 28 copies — one for every student in the class. 2. Your technical description will consist of a combination of text and visuals that help explain your topic to the audience. Include drawings, photos, charts, tables, facts, FAQs, […]
August 20, 2019

American dream discussion

Post 2: Discussing the American Dream due by Saturday, Nov. 18th by 11:59 PM. [worth up to 20 points]. Think about how Willy Loman dreams the American Dream. What is his concept of the American Dream? In what way does it become a nightmare for him – or does he die content? What about his sons? What are their concepts of the American Dream? Discuss whether you think the American Dream today is the same as it was when Arthur Miller wrote Death of a Salesman back in 1949. Explain and support your opinions. Give specific details and examples. What […]
August 20, 2019

Online class vs. on ground class

1- Post your Compare and Contrast Essay topic and a working thesis. 2. Explain why you selected this topic. ( my topic is Online class vs. on ground class) This is a working thesis, which means it can be revised once you start drafting your essay. Feel free to comment on those of your peers as well. just 210 word
August 20, 2019

If you could change one thing about El Paso, what would it be?

Arguing Essay 4-5 pages min, reasons supported by examples, intro, outro, comprehension audience, support arguments, index citation, parenthetical citation, where can I used the information and also please conclude by asking a question for readers to consider. I have attached my annotated bibliography, this document you will need it to do the arguing essay because it has to be based on what I choose, which is construction and traffic in El Paso
August 20, 2019

Final Project First Draft

The purpose of the first draft is to begin communicating your topic and to establish its relevance to a reader. The first draft will present an introduction (two to three paragraphs) and one section (two to three paragraphs) of the body of the paper. The first draft should include at least two of the sources you presented in your Annotated Bibliography. If you have made changes to your list of references, cite each new reference carefully both in the text and on the reference page. The length of the first draft is three to four pages of text, not including […]
August 20, 2019


you can ask a question, add an example, or develop what your classmate has said in some way with pertinent follow-up thoughts or questions about the topic. Review the word count requirement for posts. (i need to respond for two this topic each respond 100 word) *Topic 1: Friend vs. Family Thesis statement: The family is the backbone of an individual, it is a blessing which every person is bestowed with, on the other hand, friends, are an added benefit, they can be family or be enemies depending on the type of people an individual chooses to befriend. This essay […]
August 20, 2019

Summary & Response

1. In this assessment, there are two tasks: a Summary (part one) and a Response (part two). 2. Part One: Read the passages below and write a short summary for Text One (approximately 70 words). The first sentence should introduce the source, state the main idea and contain a citation. The remaining sentences should summarize the most important sub-points of the text. 3. Part Two: In a focused, unified, and coherent paragraph answer the prompt below. Develop your main idea using the compare and contrast rhetorical mode. between ( text one and text two )
August 20, 2019

Adding in

I would like for one more paper to be added into my essay so that I can have two addition sources with one quote from each. The following books titles with be sent to you along with my essay. One must use a quote from The two text and connect them together so that it flows into my other though.
August 20, 2019

Educational Reading Chart

There are multiple short readings exploring EDUCATIONAL experiences ranging from kindergarden – higher education and adult school. You will reading the following creative pieces (fiction, poetry and autobiographical, non-fiction). While reading you will be annotating literary devices used. Then you will complete this week’s literary chart assignment that asks you identify 10 literary devices (must include 6 different terms **cannot all be metaphor) from at least 5 different readings.
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