August 20, 2019

assignment for law

Make sure to cite the case law from the assigned meetings in answering the following cases. Please do your best to use original cases. a. Describe the Quid Pro Quo type of sexual harassment and circumstances that would qualify as such. Then name and describe one case that illustrates it. b. Describe the Hostile Environment type of sexual harassment and circumstances that would qualify as such. Then name and describe one case that illustrates it. c. Which is the more prevalent type of harassment? Do you think one is worse than the other?
August 20, 2019

Employment labor

ART I The week’s assignment concerns briefing a case from the readings. You can pick any case from the readings. You must pick an actual court case and give the citation. The brief should concern a legal case that is relevant to the following Week 5 Agency, Employment or Labor Law, objectives. Brief the case. Use the IRAC methodology. Discuss the: I: Issue R: Rule A: Analysis C: Conclusion The brief is followed by discussion of whether you agrees or disagree with the court opinion and why. Please put this in a separate paragraph. PART II When the brief is […]
August 20, 2019

Marty essay

Part II. Essay Marty, sex (male), national origin (English), works as a welder at Plymouth Naval Shipyard, a private company in Virginia. Marty has worked for Plymouth for 35 years, ever since he graduated from high school. Plymouth is the manufacturer and repair of naval ships and submarines and employs 3000 employees. When Marty first started working for Plymouth, he was a “top-notch” welder, a real “go-getter.” His job required him to walk up ramps, climb ladders, and to climb scaffolds to weld the higher places of the ship. Plymouth Naval Shipyard had a policy of not placing any employees […]
August 20, 2019

Read and answer questions

Requirements: I’m using this notes study for the exam, so just like how university students taking notes when the reading the books, the notes is not assignment to turn in, so don’t worried about sources and no need introduction and conclusion , the structure need to be clear and maybe using different color on words, the notes are mainly focus on answering the learning goals, so any information in the books that is relevant with learning goals are important, so the notes need to be more detail in explaining and sometimes the explanation in the books may difficult to understand, […]
August 20, 2019

Business Law Memorandum

Read the attached scenario. Memorandum should be 4-5 pages. Reference at least two cases for each point of law that is mentioned. Cite cases that appear to support a different legal resolution than the one presented, and then distinguish that case from the scenario described in this assignment. APA format
August 20, 2019

Analysis Paper

Analysis Paper (5 pages): For this essay you will use the “They Say, I Say” method to analyse literature. We will go over how to do this in class, but in the meantime you can learn more about this method by reading Chapter 15 (“On Closer Examination: Entering Conversations About Literature”) in They Say, I Say. You will also draw on the close reading skills you have worked on in class and for your Concept Paper to write this assignment. You will chose one of four topics for this essay, which are listed below. One week before your essay is […]
August 20, 2019

Visual Rhetorical Analysis

Analyze the photo and write a visual argument attached is the photo below the title is “Life After War” The rhetorical/visual argument analysis paper should: o Be 5 – 7 pages in length. o Clear introduction and conclusion. o Address all three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. o Address the issue of audience. o Adhere to MLA format (including in-text citations and Reference page) o Include correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
August 20, 2019

Letter to USCIS For a Change Status

Write a short letter to USCIS explaining why you need a change status ( departure of the principal visa holder, becoming too old to be considered a dependent), why you decided to study, and what you hope to do with your education when you return home. Additions information: right now I have a diplomatic A1 visa. The passport will expire in March 2018 and the visas in May 2018. They suggested that I change my status 6 months before my parents leave the United States. I’m studying Bussiness Administration at Montgomery College. I want to open a business back home.
August 20, 2019

English Language

I need to respond for this posts : Yes, someone has taken credit for my work before. It was my senior year in English class Until then I never thought someone would take credit for my work. It was our last book report of the year and this girl in my class and I happen to choose the same book to do our report on. One day I left my book report on my desk while I went to the office to drop something off and apparently, she took a picture of it. She literally copied the report word for […]
August 20, 2019

First Round Response

Write a cohesive response based on your initial reaction to the film you watched that considers the course Essential Question that best-fits your film as well as your own life. (pursuit of happiness) Be sure to write a succinct, cohesive, well-developed and supported response with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Relate the action or outcome of the film to your own life by considering the following questions: Did you see yourself in the film? Did you learn a lesson? Did you have an insight into why things were the way they were? Did you remember something from your past […]
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