August 20, 2019

Peer Review and Credibility Assessment

Please read the student essay and answer peer review questions at the end of the essay. Please complete the credibility assessment on a separate sheet only for 4 of the sources the student used. You can pick which 4 to use. instructions are attached, thank you.
August 20, 2019

Law Assessment

please read all the instructions carefully and it contains A-E parts and each part should have the same words which is mentioned in the file Submission must be in MSWord format (either .docx or .doc). No other format (even .zip) will be acceptable. Turnitin will be used to assist markers in identifying copying. Improper copying will be penalised whether it is identified by Turnitin or not.
August 20, 2019

My experience throughout this course

PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE BIDING: Final Project: Portfolio Assignment At the end of the semester you are required to submit a portfolio of your written work. This portfolio will contain four items.  Three items will be essays written previously for assignments submitted within this course and for which you received feedback from the mentor. (You may choose from among the following written assignments: Written Assignment 1, Written Assignment 4, Written Assignment 5, Written Assignment 6, Written Assignment 7, Written Assignment 8, Written Assignment 9.) You should revise these items based on mentor feedback and submit them as part of […]
August 20, 2019

Resume/Cover letter editing

Editing Resume and a Cover Letter. – I prefer someone who is Proficient. – I already have my own Resume and cover letter but I want it to be updated and edited. – I will attach a guideline for a resume and the cover letter that I want to be followed. – Use the proper/latest updated format for legal resume/cover letter. – I want one resume and one cover letter. – I want a standard cover letter that is fixable to be edit later. “more options for different positions” – I will attach several resources that will help you with […]
August 20, 2019

ase-Note on R v Secretary of State for International Development

For the assessment, the case-note should be based on the original case transcript. •Please use the neutral citation to find the case.•Ensure that you read the judgment carefully and that you have understood the relevant legal arguments and the responses of the different judges before starting to write your case-note.•Reading secondary material on the case, will also help in your understanding but do cite the primary source (the case) as much as possible.  Your case-note MUST be referenced! You will lose marks for poor referencing. Adhere to the OSCOLA referencing guidelines. OSCOLA uses footnotes. The footnote should be inserted […]
August 20, 2019

Equity and trust summative

Answer the law question Andrew is the secretary of the South Ealing Tennis Club. It is an unincorporated association. The club is funded by: (i) donations and legacies made by members and former members, (ii) by its annual membership fees, (iii) by collection boxes placed in local businesses, and (iv) by the proceeds of its bar and other social activities. In July 2017, the members resolved to wind up the club having sold the club grounds to a property developer for a considerable sum of money. After all of the club’s debts have been paid, there remains a substantial surplus […]
August 20, 2019

Ethics and Integrity

Reflective Journal 1: Ethics and Integrity Due Week 4 and worth 50 points Write a half to one (1/2 to 1) page (150 to 275 words) journal entry in which you: 1. Explain three (3) important elements of ethics, morality, and integrity that will relate to your desired role in the field of criminal justice. 2. Complete the page requirement. The specific course learning outcome(s) associated with this assignment are: Explain the role of ethics and integrity in the criminal justice profession, and the higher standard expected of criminal justice professionals. Write clearly and concisely about ethics and leadership in […]
August 20, 2019

Facebook Live killings

This is a Leg500 Law,Ethics and corporate Governance subjects….It should be completed within 2 days…only 5 plagiarism..with APA format.. I will provide all the details.. Read the article Cleveland Shooting Highlight’s Facebook’s Responsibility in Policing Depraved
August 20, 2019

Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics

Jake is a 25-year-old paralegal at a post-Superbowl party. In attendance at the party is his college friend, Mike. Both guys are enjoying themselves. There were a lot of people smoking marijuana, including Mike, drinking beer, eating pretzels, and just having a good time. Jake was the designated driver for his friends, so he did not smoke or drink. At the end of the party, Mike said to Jake, “You are a paralegal. I haven’t been drinking at all but I was smoked a lot of marijuana and I’m pretty high. Please tell me if I can drive home.” In […]
August 20, 2019

Juvenile killer paper

i need a 6 pages minimum of APA format about three juvenile killer. i already have two and you only need to choose the third one. the third juvenile must 13 or under, killed another child and must be in the united states as well. i already have two movies on the first two cases.
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